14 September 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008 - 15 comments

Weekend blabbering

What a weekend, all fun and full of adventure of course!

Friday night we finished watching John Adams, which we are "making" Jacob watch to learn more about American History which is what he is studying right now. So yeah Friday night was quite and relaxing which was good because we didn't stop the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we had plans of laying more sod and weeding and yard work then go to the fair. Well we didn't quite make it to the fair, BUT the lawn is in, the planters are built and the weeds are gone! While Mike spent most of the day outside, I of course am trying to clean up the dirt that is in every crevasse of our house. Slowly but surely I'm getting there, but it will be a few more weekends of major scrubbing! It was so impossible to have the dogs stay out of the dirt while the yard was torn up, and now we are wishing we had come up with some other plan during construction. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. I will get a post of pictures up soon!

Come Sunday morning, Jacob and I got up early to go have a little adoption family fun and boy was it a fun day! Both of us are still talking about what fun we had. The Salsa folks put together an adoption family picnic which included moon cakes to honor the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival, at an incredible park in Los Gatos and yeah I had to drive the hill again, but it was a breeze this time! YEAH ME!

The picnic was a blast! We got to see Michelle again, which is such a treat since she lives in Southern Cali. Michelle and I were the only waiting parents and we were both treated with lots of encouragement for what lies ahead for us both.

It was so great to meet new people and see folks who we've met up with before.... Lisa and kids, Stacey and family (private blog), Casey and her parents, Double Happiness and others too. There were so many families there and so many kids, it was a great time! Jacob immediately got a cute little admirer who won his heart in just one beat. He was so cute talking about her on the way home.

He's going to love having a little sister!! It was great meeting new people and we are definitely looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Thanks again Mary-Mia for putting this together and for including us!

After the picnic, Jacob and I drove through downtown Los Gatos and made a stop at the Lamborghini car shop to confirm Jacob's love of fancy cars. He was of course amazed and now more driven to get one someday. Dream on baby!!!

And now it is Sunday evening and I've got fresh bread baking and soup cooking and some seriously tired guys to feed! We are going to end our weekend with a movie, The Outsiders (J is reading this for English class) and an early bed time!

Have a great week everyone!


What a fun day! We watched "John Adams" too and thought it was really well done.

SCREAM!!! What a lucky gal you are to see everyone again. Some Salsa fun, Double Fun, Smith Adventures, and Waiting Michelle. I tell ya one thing, it sure helps with this long wait!!!

Your son is a doll!!!

sounds awesome.

U have a good week 2!


Looks like a fun and busy weekend. Ending it with homemade bread and soup sounds heavenly. :-) Terri

sounds like a great weekend!

You had a great weekend...the picnic looked like a blast!


So much fun! Not enough time to chat, as usual. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with some of the other families too. It's hard when there are little ones to run after!

Also, the next time I see you, would you mind giving me a smack, or a poke or something, because this is the second time I have seen you and forgotten to give you the scrapbook I made.


How can this be? I'm afraid there is something terribly wrong with my brain. How could I see you on two separate occasions and not remember to give you something that I had IN THE CAR????


I'm so sorry! I will be putting it into the mail tommorow. There must be medication of something I can take for this forgetfulness. Sheesh.

Looks like so much fun!!!

What a great experience!

Sounds like a winner for all.

Yikes - can you even imagine the insurance on one of those cars???? Outta this gal's league fo sho.

So much fun and so wonderful to see you and your charming son. I saw him walking with little B wearing his hat and just died laughing it was so cute. Great time, and thank you SO MUCH for coming.

Sounds like you had a fun day... I want to see that "John Adams" movie... then again there are a ton of movies I want to see..

It's great to be able to get together with bloggy friends! Glad you had a good time.

We did yard work too!!! Love/ hate relationship with that!
So glad you got to see your friend!!

It was great to see you again and fun to see your handsome son this time too! Funny how they look so much bigger when they're not on the computer monitor! (seriously, what are you feeding that boy?!?!)



That looks like good fun. The picture of Jacob with the little girl is really cute.