06 October 2010

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 - 18 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Bike obsessed!

SUPER cute bike I saw while in San Francisco - Processed with Nelly Nero BW Kiss
Lately I have become completely obsessed with riding bikes.  It's all I want to do!  I think of long paths winding along the coast all week long, in anticipation of our next family ride during the weekend ahead.  I find myself wondering if I could ride around town all the time and get rid of my car (even though I'm deeply scared of riding on streets with lots of cars)!  
Now that's a bit crazy for me but it's true!  

The end of a good ride - Processed with Nelly Nero BW Grunge
My favorite spot - Processed with Nelly Nero Classic BW
For now I'll just dream about  my last ride and continue to develop my skills at becoming a better rider so that someday I can do more than just a flat path where no cars are out there vying for road space.  I'll continue to enjoy that rush of wind in the face as I victoriously coast down a hill I've just accomplished and I'll reap in the soreness that comes over me the next day which always reminds me of the ride the day before.  Ahhh the weekend is only two days away now and a ride is already in the works!


Oh, how I loved this post... it reminds me of my dad, who used to do triathlons and biathlons when I was growing up. He still loves bike rides the same way.

Fabulous pics, love the last one very much! I love how you describe riding bikes and how it made you feel. Have fun riding this weekend, Kayce!

These are such great shots! I especially love the second one and I don't typically like selective color - very interesting.

Great post - love your enthusiasm. And great moody shots.

these are great, my daughter at 19 still loves hello kitty she would ride on the first shot!

That bike is too cool! Great photos!

Great post, story and pics!

The pictures are so great! Love the color you left in the second one :D

These are fantastic! I love the composition and processing of the first one, and I can almost feel the motion in the 2nd. Great shots! :-)

Love the photos..
Wish I was there riding with you ..
Love ya..

I LOVE that second pic with the hint of green!!

great post! I love the pictures, our family loves to ride our bikes together too... what good memories are made on a bike:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog as well:)

Great shots! Love your processing. I actually like the first and the last shot best. Really love the pink tone on that first one.

Erika B

These are great! #2 and #4 are my favorites. :-)

Thanks for stoppiong by yesterday! Your pictures this week definately make me want to hop on a bike and ride for miles. I love the last one and they one with the hint of green. Enjoy your rides!

Wow! These are amazing shots. I love the road one. Great job!

Me Dig All
Each Tells A Story
Visual Treats
Me Heart :)

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I love your second shot. What a nice hint of color!! Thanks for introducing me to Nelly Nero. I will check them out for sure