27 October 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - ,, 15 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Punkin Lovin!

Another moment in our dream books fulfilled....Prepping for Halloween!
 We gathered our pumpkin bootie and got all ready to carve even though one of us 
wasn't quite sure what we were doing with the big orange balls....
....slowly but surely with a little reassurance from daddy our little one began to get into the gooey fun....
 ....then the smiles and laughter began!  Hellllllloooooo who's in there??????
 OOOOOO....was the word of the night!  
 With smiles and scowls carved we lit our pumpkins and placed them in their respective spots...
The crickets at her house and our jack-o-lantern at our doorstep....

Happy, happy Wednesday!!  Have you been over to Lisa's lately to see the amazing adventure she's been on in China??  Her journey is almost complete and seeing her girl in her arms is such an incredible sight to see!  


She is so cute! Her face is priceless in that first shot. We haven't done our carving yet but my yongest plan to make such a scary face that it will scare grandpa.

Erika B

What fun! I hope to be doing the same thing next year! the pumpkins turned out great!

I just love how she peeked her head inside the pumpkin to look. Too cute!

Such a great series - looks like such great fun!

Beautiful my friend! Love them all, but especially the one with her taking a look inside mr. Pumpkin. All these firsts with J are so fun aren't they?

it looks like you had such fun making all these, great shots she is so cute!

Ooo may have been your word of the night. Awhhh.....is usually my word visiting here. What a great first experience for your sweet little one.

Love these! Isn't it the best seeing a child explore something for the first time? They're not sure if they sure participate or not. You really captured the wonderful time she had with the pumpkin.


Soooooooooooo cute!!! It's like she's saying, "What the ....!" Then so darling when she sticks her sweet little head right in the Jack-O-Lantern!!! xoxo,me

What a sweet "first"!! This year I could barely get my kids to carve pumpkins!! So sad!!


I have a list too. All the things I've dreamed of doing with my girl for years now. It'll be surreal when it's actually happening and not just a part of my imagination anymore. I know you get that.

AWESOME!! You capture the best memories in such a unique way! love it!! ;)Happy Trick or Treating!

That pumpkin is almost as big as she is! Looks like so much fun. :)

That 3rd shot is ADORABLE!!! :)

Awww, I just love these!