27 August 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010 - 11 comments

First Week Done!

Phew!  It's been a week!  I'm way beyond the fact that school started on Monday because it actually feels like we've been at it for at least a month!  Seriously.  Summer is now a thing of the past and we are headed straight into searching for the first holiday and counting the days until summer break 2011!

First day out of the gates was GO, GO, GO and the homework has been more than poor Big J has seen in 5+ years and it hasn't slowed down an ounce.  It didn't help that for the first time since June that our area had actual summer weather for a change.  We mistakenly spent Monday after school in the pool (really a bird bath for Big J) instead of getting started on the mountains of paperwork I had to fill out and the chapters of homework that needed to be completed.  Needless to say our first night was a night full of lots Geometry and Biology.  The cool thing though is that Big J likes all of his teachers and is looking forward to a busy year and that makes for a happy momma!

Funny thing for me is that within five days of school, I have actually gotten more done than I did in the two plus months of summer vacation!  I guess with my days starting at the crack of dawn again I'm able to squeeze in more on my to-do list...go figure!  I am finally getting my adirondack chairs painted red, wedding pictures sent to my sister (love you girl!), gardening, writing letters, spray painting letters :), and tackling those pesky small jobs that bug me!  Gotta love a focused mommy brain!

Slowly our schedules have been changing and the cricket is going to have to be up before her summer sleep in time of 8:30 because the car pool leaves the station at 6:55 and we can't be late!  :)  And nap time is now having to be switched from P.M. to A.M. so that we're back up at school by the time that last bell rings.  Oh the joys of having a big and a little, little!  So far it's been pretty smooth but I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I can't stay up until 1am anymore!

We managed to get a quick trip to the aquarium in this week and spend some time with the crickets grandparents and uncle (love you guys!!)  and little Miss J got to finally wear her aquarium dress for the first time!  I unfortunately lost my mommy brain while trying to get out the door that day and left my glasses on the hood of my truck and got to watch them float up and away as I was getting on the freeway.  Oh I was a wee bit sad.  I quickly turned around and went home to get a spare pair and the entire time I was praying that my beloved specs would be sitting by the side of the road waiting for me...ummm nope they were in a million pieces.   C'est la vie!

Overall it's been a great week, minus the random guy who walked up to our table at Phil's the other night and took pictures of the cricket with his cell phone and no he didn't ask.  It was a bit, well more than a bit creepy and really pissed me off...it wasn't okay.  I'm moving on from it and looking at the weekend ahead.  It is of course filled to the rim as we (well really Mike) finishes the play house since we're having a house warming party for the cricket and her new abode in a few weeks.  Love me a good party! Of course there is homework in there somewhere and trying to help the boy get over his pity party that summer is gone for now.  Or is it me that is wishing that summer was still here??  Naw...I'm moving on to the year ahead and all life's to bring!


That photo thing would completely creep me out. I'm sorry that happened.

Wow! WHat a busy, busy first week. Oh for the lazay, hazy (literally for you) days of summer. We're doing the clock switch here too and it's rough but I think its rougher on mommy than bABY. IF only I was allowed to nap like she then it might be easier. For some reason the boss frowns upon napping in the office. :o)

How fun to get projects done. Yeah!!! A wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

HaVE fun getting ready for Cricket\s special day!


Congrats on a huge first week!! Whew. Oh, and I am IN LOVE with the aquarium dress, how cute. And the aquarium picture is awesome.

Sounds like a great first week..
Love the photos..
Can't wait to see the letters done..
Love ya..

That photo incident is horrible. I agree it is creepy. No normal person in this day and age would consider it appropriate to take pics of someone elses child - and to just invade your privacy like that is horrible. Can you warn the restaurant it happend so they can look out for him if he tries it with other families?

Love the photo of your aquarium - it looks an amazing place.

I am loving your photography!

I am with you. What the heck happened to summer?!

Hang in their girl friend, a routine will stabilize soon!


You know, we had the same restaurant photo taking exeperience! We had a girl walk up to our table, take Lauren's picture and walk away! It happened on Mother's Day, so at first I thought it must be a worker taking pic's for the mom's, but then I saw how she was dressed and then saw her exit the restaurant! Dan went to go after her and ask her to delete the pic, but never did find her. wierd!

Anyways...it sounds like you are definetly into the school year and new schedule! hang on to your hat! :)

That aquarium looks amazing. As soon as we can, we've GOT to make a trip to Monteray! :)

Going back to the normal schedule is always a bit hard but also exciting in a way =) Hope to see how the letters turned out.

I'm sorry about that guy taking a picture of your daughter, did you say something to him? I'm starting to think that camera phones are a bit scary!!

Love the Aquarium dress....so cute on her...sounds like a busy but fun week for you. I'm sorry about your glasses...and as for creepy guy and the pictures...I would of been upset too. When Tyler and I were coming back from China...we were in the airport with Addison (in Korea) and all of a sudden these Korean men started taking turns sitting next to me and taking pictures...it happened so fast and it was weird...I didn't know whether to laugh or yell at them LOL
Hope you have a wonderful week.

sounds like the kind of busy that energizes you :) i need to be energized! readoption: not done. all my classes to renew my oncology certification: DUE october, not done. last home study update due. second opinion on heart. can you say pick up the phone lazy bones?

anyway. love that you are loving life, sorry about the specs and the creepy guy who took the photo. i would have had to ask him what the hell he was doing.

The Cricket is so beautiful, what a sweet face, great photos!
Brings back memories, we were left for China 4 years ago tomorrow.

June : )