11 August 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 15 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Lazy

We are plain lazy here.  Nothing more than that.  Our days start late and end late.  Our attire is nothing more than an easy pair of pants and a well worn in sweatshirt matched with a pair of Uggs.  It has been cold and wet here with the sun hidden deep in the fog, which has kept us inside and bundled up all week and therefore I have not a single moment captured on film.  

This photo is the essence of laziness for me...laying on a mountain top above the Big Sur Coastline with nothing but blue skies above me and the sound of nature all around.  Ahhhhh.  I took this picture on one of our many trips to Big Sur.  I love how the plane is in the sky and the ocean just melts into the horizon.  

Happy Wednesday!  Be sure to head on over to Lisa's blog...The Long Road to China to see more black and whites or join in by linking your picture!


Wonderful black & white shot!!

Love your photo: it made me feel relaxed just looking at it :)

perfect shot, lovely

Such a cool shot! Beautiful in black and white and really fun angle!

Erika B

I love this shot and I love lazy days too! =)

Great shot!!!! I can't wait for my next lazy day!!!

Oh Kayce, I am just loving your work!!! Another fanyastic shot!!!!

Love lazy days.. and it is really not lazy it is relaxing..

a great way to spend a summer day.
love the view point on this photo.

Really cool shot. I love the angle. I know what your saying about being lazy. For the opposite reasons here. It's so hot you just don't want to get and do anything.

Great shot! I love lazy days!

Lazy!! Got to love it. There are not a lot of those time for me but this week I have been just chillin. In fact it is now 1:30pm and KEv took the boys to ride motocycles and I am still sitting on the couch with mia in my PJ's watching veggie tales. Wrong I tell you-- but I love it.

Enjoy your lazy days

Christy :)

Fabulous image and I LOVE the perspective on this!!!

fabulous picture and even better story!


What a peaceful photo.... I love the composition. Oh how I wish we had some cooler weather over here. It's been in the high 90's everyday with a heat index way into the 100's.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!