17 June 2010

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Tidbits of a cricket at 14 months

It is absolutely amazing that our little cricket is now 14 months old!  Amazing!  These last few weeks we have seen profound change in her and it has been such a wonderful and blessed thing to witness.  What's still even more incredible is that we have been able to watch this child unfold and open up in just a matter of months, four almost five to be exact.  That's nothing in the big picture of things, just a speck of time.

At fourteen months our sweet gal is....

...28.5 inches long and weighs in at 19.8 lbs.
...eating everything in sight and knows the word cheerio quite well.
...content to feed herself and wants NO help.
...happiest with fish, artichokes, avocado, sweet potato, yogurt, carrots, tomatoes and pb&j's!
...still only chomping with four teeth...two up and two down.
...starting to wean from formula and is doing great on whole milk.
...still saying the same words as at 13 months but is wanting to say more so badly!
...in desperate need of a haircut.  Her hair grows at mach speed.
...shaking her head yes.

At fourteen months she can...

...crawl on all fours and is faster than a cheetah, gone is the army crawl.
...stand up on anything solid.
...walk all around things while holding on.
...hear Elmo a mile away!  We watch videos for about an hour a day and Elmo's world makes her world stop.
...play contently in her crib after sleep for about 20 to 30 minutes after she wakes up.
...splash enough water out of the tub to fill a small bucket.
...differentiate toys when asked.
...give high fives.

At fourteen months the cricket will...

...take one nap a day that lasts on average 1.5 hours give or take.  (this is a HUGE development!)
...fight sleep every step of the way.
...smell anything she passes and turns up her nose at smelly socks.
..."sing" along to songs.
...dance, dance, dance anytime music is on.
...help mommy pull clothes out of the dryer and pull dead flowers (& sometimes not so dead) off the plants.
...give the dogs hugs and kisses when she sees them.
...blow kisses to the people she sees regularly.

At fourteen months she has completely stolen the hearts of everyone she meets and has her family wrapped firmly around her little fingers.  The continuous outpouring of joy that she has brought to our entire family is incredible.  There is not a day that goes by where her daddy and I look at her and smile with tears in our eyes....we have been blessed beyond all measure!


Oh my, the pictures of your girl sleeping on daddy and being kissed by her big brother melted my heart.

awww...I love the picture of Jacob kissing his sweet cricket! :) She is growing and looking so healthy and happy! Life is good!

She is certainly growing and fast... such a sweet little girl... I am going to steal your idea... hope you don't mind... I know you won't :)

She is just precious. I love seeing pictures of her with her big brother. I think she has him wrapped around her little finger.

I went along to China 2 years ago to get my granddaughter from Hunan.She is an angel. Wish we would have adopted when we were young enough. Have a great summer. Blessings.

I really can't believe how much she has changed in just a few months. It's a joy to see! She's a sweet as can be!

Love love love this post!!!!! She is so stinkin cute I could eat her up with a spoon!!!

Kayce did she weigh something totally different when you got her than you were told?

Love you, Kristy

What sweet pictures! The changes are astounding and wonderful! I love the fingers with the PB&J! :)

It is so amazing to watch how fast they adapt and grow! What a beautiful little girl!

This beautiful post left tears in my eyes. Every precious picture told a story, for sure.

Your little cricket looks so happy and content...those four/five short months are a lifetime for her.

Thank you for letting us share them with you.


It's wonderful to hear how well your cricket is doing!! What a little dolly she is.

CAN'T WAIT to see you next week and introduce our precious daughter's to one another. Heh...I'm not thinking next week's beach visit will be quite as peaceful as last time. I'm guessing we'll spend it chasing our little loves...and pinching ourselves that the time we discussed last year truly has come! God is SO GOOD!!!!