16 June 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - 20 comments

Black & White Wednesday - Calling all the ladies!

Late last week we had a little gardening fun and released a few containers of ladybugs into our garden to chomp up all those pesky bugs.  To say we had a fun time is an understatement!  Our fun has continued into this week as we go outside every morning to check on our ladies.  The pictures tell a better story than I ever could....Our cricket was just in awe over these cute little bugs.

Checking out the containers after we came home, but first we had to prep the yard!

We went and smelled a few roses...

Then we decided to deadhead and water everything and play for a while...

Then after dinner when the sun was setting we sat down and opened the containers!
The first lady!

Then the second and then we noticed all the ladybugs were going into the 
grass or flying away so we quickly plopped down on the cement to finish.

And then the pandemonium started!

Them cute lil' ladies were ALL over us!
Cricket was SO serious and inquisitive throughout this whole experience.

Can you see them in her hair?  She was so gentle and fascinated by them.  
She has gotten a little less serious now and just looks forward to going
outside to play hide and seek with the ladybugs who all seem to have 
flown away since we released them last week!

I have had no time to play with photos this week so these are straight 
outta the camera and a few converted to B/W in iPhoto.  
But to see some beautiful pictures...go check out the link below!


Oh my word! These pictures are the cutest! I love her preppy plaid hair band! She is such a doll!

Looks like fun! I could send you BOXES of ladybugs for FREE! They are in our house all winter trying to get warm!


seriously Kayce, the cuteness is too much! I want her! Never mind the lady bugs!


She is such a sweet baby girl! love all the ladybugs around her...and the pic of her smelling the flowers!

She might be the cutest little thing ever in the whole wide world. Oh my good heavens. What a doll! Totally sweet. Fabulous shots this week! I love them!

I see how you are sooo cheerful all the time..
Jenny is tooooo dang cute..
GIve her hugs and kisses from Auntie Kim..
Love ya my friend..

OMG too cute for words

love it

Okay, those cheeks? I am SO smitten! What is it about cheeks? I just want to squeeze her.

She's so beautiful!

Goodness, she's cute! I enjoyed your great shots today!

Goodness, what a beauty! I loved all the pictures and the story that went along, but that first picture is PHENOMENAL!!! Great shot! Love everything about it.

What fun!!
Jennifer reminds me so much of our Jen at that age, Kayce her beauty is breathtaking!!
Wonderful shots!!

Seriouly cute post. I love her expression with the lady's all over her. (Hope the aphids have been banished!)

I love the first picture and the one with all they ladybugs on her! So great she didn't freak out :)

She is absolutely adorable!!! What a fun day! I love it when photos tell a story! It makes my obsession with photography completely worth it! :)

How cute! I love that you are relishing every minute with her!!

She is SO ADORABLE....I could just eat her up!!! Looks like she had fun releasing those lady bugs:)


Beautiful pictures! They are absolutely incredible!