10 May 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010 - 10 comments

Mother's Day 2010

Ummmm Mother's Day was pure yumminess!  There is nothing better than waking up to see a smiling baby saying "mama" and a handsome daddy carrying a St@rbucks and a bushel full of tulips...like I said, pure yumminess!

We got to enjoy a fabulous brunch with my grandmother at the retirement center she lives in and let me say, those folks know how to eat and live life!  There was a little jam in the parking lot though and it had to be captured for posterity.  I unfortunately didn't take any other pictures of our incredible feast, but it was to die for delish!

The day continued with visiting and picture taking of the generations of grandmother's, mother's, daughters and son's.  

And then a picture of a dream come true for me....

After brunch we made our way to our favorite nursery where we buy all of our roses and we picked out the perfect rose to celebrate both of our little crickets mothers.   I love how the tree blooms two different colored roses and I found it so fitting to celebrate the two women who our daughter will call mother.

We also played around for a bit in the little play house at the nursery, which I've been dreaming of doing every time we are there!...just a bit of cuteness!

A very blessed day indeed and one that I will not soon forget!  
Thank you babe for spoiling me rotten and giving me a relaxing day filled with love, laughter and a nap!  
Mother's Day couldn't have been any sweeter!

And I also need to tell my wonderful mommy THANK YOU so much for taking care of us today.  
I woke up sick as a dog and have felt like I got hit by a truck a few times.  
Thank you mom for saving us!  I am beyond blessed to have you so close.  I love you!


Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. So many sweet pictures!

Looks like a great Mother's Day..
love you BIG my friend..

It looks like you had a fun and relaxing Mother's Day! Cute pictures!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Happy Mother's Day sweetheart!! Looks like you had a wonderful day. The roses (and the idea behind them) is just lovely.

What a wonderful day looks like Jen is about ready to take off running,

Happy Mother's day! The photos are wonderful..

I LOVED taking care of you (well, Jenny) because you're still my baby too!!!! xoxoxo,me

Beautiful Pictures! What a wonderful day you had. I really like the picture of you and Jenny together. So sweet. Happy Mother's Day (belated) Mom!! :)

What a sweet day! I love the rose bush! This whole year is going to be full of precious "firsts"...enjoy them all!

Happy belated Mother's Day, Dearie!
Am LMTO (Laughing My Tail Off) at the jam in the parking lot!!!
Am so happy that this first Mother's Day as Cricket's Mommy was made as extra-special as can be!
LOVE the pic of just you and Cricket...her smile is absolutely thrilling!
And you look GREAT!!!!
Is that a tattoo I see on your left wrist????????? ;)
Oh jeez...the roses...oooohhhhhllllaaaalllllaaaaa..... (sigh)
Like I mentioned to you before, i have no luck with the beauties!
Are you feeling better? 24 hour bug???
At least the germ failed to cause you getting sick until AFTER Mother's Day!
I do pray you feel better, my friend.