05 May 2010

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Black & White Wednesday - Opportunity Knocks

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Oh how this quote speaks volumes right now in our home.  Our Big J is going through many changes and is facing many tough challenges these days but I do believe that he is now beginning to walk away from the closed doors and look seriously at the newly opened doors.  Those new open doors have exciting things behind them that will take him many places in the next few years and to see the new wonder and the old enthusiasm in his eyes is a joyous thing.

This picture was taken on a camping trip two years ago when all that filled his days were thoughts of his next fishing trip or getting through the school week so he could play video games all weekend.  Such innocence in those eyes.  So now two years later he is again holding the cards in his hand and has some great opportunities headed his way.  Besides finishing up his freshman year and gearing up for a challenging sophomore year, he's got a summer ahead of him full of great adventure and wonderful opportunities!  

Today he has his first interview for a great summer job.  He was recommended for this job because of his continuous volunteering with the toddlers at church every Sunday, something I silently pushed him to continue even after he got his community service hours.  He's so glad now that he took that advice so many months ago and stayed on knowing he was doing it for nothing.  Nothing always turns into something.  

And yesterday he was handed yet another card to hold, one that will open his eyes more than China did, one that makes my job as a mom worth every sacrifice.  My niece has been a part of the a Lower Nine project since hurricane Katrina and has asked if Big J can go with her this summer for a rebuild.  Oh to see the light shine bright in those eyes when I told him about this commitment.  His answer to if he'd be interested was, "are you kidding mom!  I would LOVE to do that!!".   Oh how I hope this works out for him!

As hard as it's been lately sticking to my guns and standing strong to my convictions, I am glad I have.  No one ever said parenting was easy but seeing your hard work play out in your hand is beyond rewarding.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers....please and thank you!!!  :)


Wishing him all the best!

I hope he gets the job! Good luck to your magic boy!

I hope his job interview goes well! He is very cute! Love those smiling eyes!

HOpe he gets the job!! What a fun picture, such a good looking kid!!

Awesome post... awesome photo.
I just love the mischief in his eyes!

I'll be wishing him the best on the job and the adventure. The next few years are going to be full of so many exciting things for him! Lots of fun for him...lots of gray hair for you! Oh well...that's what Loreal is for!

The love you have for your boy always touches my heart. Looks like he's making some big decisions lately and I'm sure your loving guidance is going to really be invaluable.


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Amazing opportunities for such a great young man..
Love it .
Have a great week..
Love you...

Parenting is not easy.... very nice pictures and your words are so very fitting....

Hi Kayce,

You don't know how much I needed to read that quote this morning.......

J is one great boy!! Best wishes to him.......

Happy Mother's Day!!