22 April 2010

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Gee, thanks for the help.

Raising teens today is hard, like really, really hard.  The peer pressure our kids deal with today is more intense than it ever has been.  Everywhere they go there is pressure to do this or try that and if they say no, they are ridiculed and laughed at.  We send our children to school each morning and pray they make wise choices and stay clear of what lurks in the bathrooms.  These choices our children face are now having to be made earlier and earlier and the choices don't get easier as they go through each grade.  Our roles as parents gets harder and harder each year.  It's not easy.

We, as parents have to make tough decisions sometimes for our children because they can not make them themselves.  While those decisions may be difficult for them to swallow, but sometimes they are even harder for us to make AND to follow through with.   But we do it, as hard as it is and as angry as it makes our children.  We do it.  Because not only do we love them so intensely,  but we also want them to make the absolute most of each moment in their lives.   And yes sometimes we want them to do more or do better than we did ourselves.

So when we teach our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol we do it with a firm hand; it's illegal and it's NOT allowed.  Period.  At least that's how it is in our house.  Period.  But that's not how it is in others.  Nor is it that way in the county where we live.  Or in our state for that matter!   Well, if you didn't know, Tuesday was 4/20 was a "holiday" of sorts for pot smokers and my son proceded to share with me that a lot of his friends would be enjoying the holiday.  Ugg...did I say raising teens is hard??  Well of course that led to a lengthy conversation, one of many lately and I again remind him of the serious issues with smoking pot and also remind him that IT. IS. NOT. OKAY.  Period.

Well isn't it a great help when the town newspaper makes this "holiday" or "party" it's headlining story the next day and adds quotes like...

Jamie Martinez, a freshman pursuing math, went to the meadow with friends early in the afternoon to stake out a prime spot. He said pot helps him do his schoolwork.
"It relaxes me. It makes me focus," he said  - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Or adds video of the event on their website and pictures like this on the front page of the print version.  Answer me this...How the heck are my words going to sink in when my fight is killed by MY own peers?!!?  Ugggggg!!  This just frustrates the heck out of me!!


OMG this is horrible!!!!! Raising teens is hard...really hard!!! Kayce I'm sorry..this is wrong!!! It's legal in your area? I thought it was legal in parts of CA but I thought it was for medical?

As hard as those conversations may be you must be doing something right that your teen could come to you and tell you what his friends were planning. I never felt that open with my parents and I am sure life would have been easier if I could have. You are giving him good tools to make it through life in a positive productive way, You rock, keep it up!

Nice advert for your county. Strike that location off my 'parks to visit with my child' list!

The whole laid-back attitude towards it makes me physically ill... I can't get over those pictures in the newspapers... Unbelievable.

Every one of my students that cut is being tested and will suffer the consequence...

I have a 13 1/2 yr old. It is TOO hard to compete with things like that. They make it look so "cool" and it is not!!! "Helps him focus" what a dummy....

Unbelievable!! I had no idea about this "holiday" and stuff like the push for legalization makes me ill.

I took the girls to a new little park today, one that was designed just for small children. And right when we got there a group of 8 boys who looked to be high-school age walked in looking all tough, hung out for a few minutes, then lit up and started passing a joint around. I was stunned, and then really ticked off. I called the cops to report them, then we left.

Teens are tough.. I can tell you that I have always been very open with my children.. and I haven't.. knock on wood... had any issues like that.. they are pretty level headed.. do what you think is right.. he will do what is right he is a great kid..
love ya my friend..

I agree with a previous comment made, I think it's great that your teen was able to share what others were doing. Being clear about your expectations and open helps our teens feel more comfortable about talking to us. It's when they're too quiet and keep away from us that we need to worry. Keep it up, you're doing great!

And now? I am more than just terrified.

The whole laid-back attitude towards it makes me physically ill... I can't get over those pictures in the newspapers... Unbelievable.
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