31 March 2010

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Black & White Wednesday - My Escape

I have a serious love affair.
I love to read.
Reading takes me away. 
It is a pure escape for me.  
I have been to the farthest reaches of the world many times over and have discovered my own backyard while never leaving my chair.  Reading is like a drug to me.  I'll take almost any book and devour it.

When we drew near to completing our adoption I was very worried I'd have to live for several years without my escape to far off lands, but I realized that if I took that away from myself it would be like taking a teddy bear away from a child.  So I diligently make the time to gather myself inside a book under the covers of my warm bed each night and stay up, sometimes late into the night, escaping to another world and I enjoy each and every word.

I am just finishing up with The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult and always continuing with my ever handy, Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child by Patty Cogen.  And of course you all know I sell children's books through Barefoot Books, which the cricket loves just as much as I do! 

What are you reading or what is always at your bedside??

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Oh how I remember reading...I loved it...and then, well, then I let every single other thing in life come before it...including taking the garbage out and shaving my legs!

I have had the same book on my nightstand for at least 3 years. I actually forgot it was a book and renamed it a coaster.

I love reading too! I need a trip to the book store right now!

I too share a passion for reading.
those pictures are stunning. I really love them both.

….love books too!! I’m reading; Teddy Kennedys’, ‘True Compass’, James Van Praaghs’, ‘What the Dead Can Tell You’ (fascinating!) and ‘Living Buddha, Living Christ’ by Thich Nhat Hanh, very spiritual.

Keep your love affair going sweetheart!! xoxoxo,me

I have that Succulent Wild Woman book. Love it! Happy Wednesday!

I also have a true love of reading, going way back to my childhood. I have stacks of books in my bedroom. Some very loved ones that have been read many times, some new ones. Presently I'm reading a couple of new photography books...and I get my reading in also in bed late at night. Going to a book store for me is like a trip to a fancy mall for some...;)

I love the contrasts in the book covers. I wish I had more attention and time for reading. It takes a lot to grab my attention.

Those photos are great - they make me want to curl up in bed and read. All I'm reading right now is books for grad school.

Love, love, love to read... Currently reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult. Have Hunger Games waiting to be read next... Such fun!

I really like these pictures, the angles and contrast. O how I love reading, never any time right now. The only reading I get is late at night or during nap time when I reading my favorite blogs! :-)

Oh I LOVE your book photos! They look awesome in b&w.

I love to read too. Unfortunately, I am right there with Dita. I'm really bad at making the time. I have a few new ones from Michael Pollan and also Shanghai Girls from Lisa See that I'm really looking forward to reading. I fall asleep even faster if I start reading in bed, so that's not an option. My 7 yr old daughter, on the other hand, sneaks book into her bed and starts to read them until all hours of the night!

Love reading too. I always have a few books going at the same time but the one that is on my bedside table right now is twilight (again.)
I am obsessed with childrens books and our son or daughter (or hopefully both) already have a full book shelf.
I have actually written a story that I am hoping to get my husband to illustrate soon in coloring book form of course :0)

Oh, I remember thinking that before our first trip to China. I managed to sneek in a few books now and then but lately.....I confess it's all about Photoshop editing. That's my nightime reading. (Oh and blogs.)

These are great shots. Wow - b&w works magic on book covers. So clever.

Nice shot of part of your library. They look especially interesting in black and white. I don't read much anymore since I have other "escapes" that get priority (like the computer). I'm glad you make time for reading though. You really have to carve out some time for yourself. It makes you a happier mommy and Cricket certainly benefits from having a happy mom!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Spectacular pictures! And, I love knowing more about my friend.


I can read The Count of Monte Cristo over and over again! My next fave is Beloved Bride: The Letters of Stonewall Jackson to his Wife. My newest obsession, however, is reading the Bible(specifically the words of Jesus) to my Kaitlyn doll!! There is something reaasuring about my baby hearing about our Savior from the time she is born. :) Love you!!