24 February 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - , 21 comments

Black and White Wednesday

There is nothing better than a simple picture turned to black and white.

Life is dreamy.  
Life is full of ups and downs.  
Life is better when love is all around.  
Oh how I could stare into these eyes all day and night.  
These soulful eyes hold so much more than I am aware of.
Her pain is held inside and my arms are there to catch every release of it.
Life is a path we do not know.
Life is full of surprise and wonder.
Life is beautiful.

You can enjoy more incredible black and white pictures at The Long Road to China....


Absolutely stunning, Kayce. Both words and image. Thanks for sharing!

I love the little poem. He is such a cutie!

Kayce she is so beautiful : ) this picture is adorable and I love the look in her eyes...I love this in B&W

What a sweet photo and poems. Her eyes are cativing even in b&w

She really is the most precious little bundle.

So glad you have each other :)

That picture is amazingly beautiful!! She is just perfect and has a beautiful face. What a sweet little pumpkin!!!! I just love her to death and an so happy for all of you!!!


Oh.my.goodness! She is such a doll baby. Everything about her is beautiful. What a joy to see and hold this bundle every day, Kayce.

Many blessings~

Beautiful capture and very powerful words.

She sure is a baby doll...and I could look at those black eyes forever as well..they speak volumes.

Wow how do you get anything done, I would be gazing into those eyes for hours.

What a beautiful little girl! Your post is just lovely.


Oh. So completely precious. I love it.

OH, I love this Kayce!! BEAUTIFUL!!



Is it weird or stalkerish that I could just kiss the screen????

Love you, Kristy

ps Did I ever thank you for the Valentine ? If not I am sorry. Thank you I just loved getting a card from you!! You always make me smile.

Kayce she is so beautiful!

Oh my, she is so beautiful.


Gorgeous Kayce-- absolutely beautiful!!! I cant get over her sweet face.. what an angel!!!

simply beautiful!

So sweet! Beautiful!

Alyzabeth's Mommy