04 January 2010

Monday, January 04, 2010 - ,, 23 comments

Starting off the week well!

Our TA arrived!!!! AND!!! it's SO much better then expected!! SO much better!!!!
Here's what our travel plans are looking like as long as our CA is accepted...so add a little prayer in for us!

Tues - Jan26: Leave for CHINA!!!!!!
Wed 27 - Thurs - Jan 28: PLAY! and Play some more!
Fri - Jan 29: Group arrive in BJ (Radisson SAS Hotel)
Sat - Jan 30: Group Sightseeing in BJ-TianAnMen Square, Forbidden City and the Great Wall (Juyongguan), lunch is included; CHI orientation
Sun - Jan 31: fly to capital city (Nanchang) of your child’s province. It is possible we may receive Baby J today.
Mon - Feb 1: Possible we may receive Baby J today! (if not day before)
Tues - Feb 2: do adoption process, registration and apply for the passport
Wed - Feb 3, sightseeing or free day
Thurs - Feb 4: sightseeing or free days
Fri - Feb 5: get the passport and all papers back. Flight to GZ (China Hotel in GZ)
Sat - Feb 6: medical exam for all children
Sun - Feb 7: free day
Mon - Feb 8: free day (medical rechecks)
Tues - Feb 9: first choice for ACS appt
Wed - Feb 10: take oath at the ACS and sign DS230 forms (second choice for ACS appt)
Thurs - Feb 11: receive children’s visas late in day depending on date of ACS appt.
Fri - Feb 12: you can leave Guangzhou on this day and return to the USA! HOME!

These new (tentative) dates give us SO much joy!!! We really thought we weren't leaving until at least Feb. 18 and now..OMY!!!!

What a GREAT birthday present for my papa! Happy Birthday Papa!! I love you! Thanks for always being there for me!


Yeah, great news!

YEA... I am crying tears of JOY..
I knew it would be today..
love ya my friend..
You better get ready...
22 days and counting...
Get those post up of your Jennifers' room..
Love YA..

Oh My Word!!! I am just so excited for you guys!!! It is sooner than what you thought!! I can't wait to see her in your arms. You are the 2nd family today that i have seen get TA. I am going to give my agency a call and see if our's is in.

If not that is okay but it sure would be some more wonderful news!!


Whoohoooooo!!! Sweetie, you are leaving THIS MONTH. Wheeeeeee. (It's going to be one kick-butt Valentine's Day, isn't it?)

That is so awesome!

What a fabulous start to the year!

Praying it all goes to schedule for you.

What wonderful news!

congrats! we can't wait to follow you china journey......Gyll ( Gramma to Ryleigh)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you. This is MUCH MUCH better news!!! WOOHOO!!! Go buy those tickets!!!

Whahoo! I'm so glad for you - I was feeling really badly that you were ending up in Feb - and now YAAAY!


So thrilled that you will be traveling sooner than expected. Be prepared for the cold weather in BJ. I wonder if Chinese New Year celebrations will have begun in China when you are there.

ROTFL didn't I just leave a comment saying it should arrive any time soon LOL
Looks like a wonderful schedule!!! Can't wait!!!

So exciting!!!

SCREAM!!! You have travel dates! I cannot wait to see you holding your sweet Miss J!

Yeah!!!! That's awesome news!!!!!!

NO WAY!!! Yahoo! So happy for you guys!

OMW!!! I am so excited that Jennifer is getting out of there and you are getting your girl! Here comes mommy. Are you ready? I can hardly wait to follow your journey. Terri

Congratulations on your TA! We may be in China during that time.....maybe we'll see you in Guangzhou!

Safe trip and God bless!

congrats!!! Woo hoo!!

Wow!!!!! That is awesome news Kayce! I am so happy for you guys. Shell

So excited for you!!

Kayce you will be leaving a few days after we get home from Europe so I will be catching up and watching and praying ok. Love you.


doing the happy dance for you!

Could not be happier for you!!! Praising God for answered prayers! Oooo...you're into single digits now!!