17 January 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 14 comments

Dreams Dawning

Today my house will forever be filled with the sounds of children, every day. From here forward marks the beginning of a dream come true that we've had for years. This weekend was the last weekend Mike and I spent alone with our children at their other families homes. For almost 14 years we have dreamed of having the sounds of laughter and small voices EVERY SINGLE DAY in our lives and that dream has dawned.

Big J has been at his dads this weekend and is now home and we are all preparing to leave in just 9 short days to bring home our daughter, his sister. I have a hard time imagining how life will be different for us all but I know it will and I look forward to those days ahead. Things will be different on those weekends that Big J goes to his dads and dreams will continue to unfold. For now I rest in the fact that God is so good and the blessings in my life are amazing! Amazing!

T-Minus 9 days!


What a wonderful feeling it must be!! To know that your dream is being fulfilled and your house will be full of laughter and sweet giggles all the time. So, excited for you in your new endeavor.

Can't wait to see Jennifer in your arms!


I have chills. I am SO excited!

I am so haooy for you! I can't wait to see her little face and you guys holding her. I have had kids 24/7 for almost ten years and I would not change one thing about it! Yes it is nice to have a Mom day here and there but the whole time I think of my kids! This willl be a big Blessing for you guys! Love the stroller too!

Happy sorry! LOL

Ahhhhhhhhh. Nine days. I'm grinning for you guys over here.

I am sooo excited..
Can't wait to see you all together..

Counting down with you :)

SO COOL!!!!! I've been far behind in blog reading so still had it in my head you wouldn't be travelling until late Feb/early March. How wonderful to know it's in 9 short days!!! Praise God! Cannot wait to see Jennifer in your arms mommy!

CONGRATULATIONS! I came over from "To Mia With Love" and just had to say hello. Your little sweetie is SO cute and I can't wait to see her in your arms!! Happy Packing!...It won't be long now!! :)

We are also adopting a little girl from China. She will be 2 in a couple of weeks. We are on day 61 since LID, still waiting on our LOA and then TA so we can bring her home already!! ;) Praying we travel by spring break! Take care and God bless you all! <><


so close! what an amazing dream come true.

What an exciting post! I love when dreams come true!
8 days!

Kayce -- Where have I been?! I had no idea you got your referral! I added you to my dashboard so I can follow you now! You must be sooo excited to travel soon. She is absolutely adorable!

P.S. Are you worried about eating there?! Chinese food is very tricky for me. However, I love it so much that I think I have it figured it out. I have to continue to pump for three hours after eating it! Yikes!