02 December 2009

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 - 16 comments

Wishes, Kisses and Dreams

What a wonderful birthday week this is turning out to be! Mike says THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes! We started celebrating with family on Sunday night with some Thanksgiving turkey enchiladas and a much deserved doughnut cake. YUM!! YUM!! YUM!! Then last night just Mike, Big J and I had our favorite taqueria and a sweet little treat to celebrate the birthday boy.

With all birthdays come many wishes wished and while it was Mike's birthday, I did have a few wishes of my own and I'm praying that they come true. It seems there are a few packages on the way from China and are expected to arrive today and if those packages are in fact referrals, this could be the best birthday week and holiday season yet! I am trying so hard not to get too excited again, but at some point yesterday my cold steal stomach got filled with butterflies once again.

We are dreaming big today! Big!

Sweet baby girl...

We are wrapped in pure joy and wonderment right now as we anxiously await your arrival. Our dreams are filled with you and all that our lives together will bring! We can't wait to kiss your sweet face, your toes, your ears, your fingers and your belly! Sweet, sweet dreams baby girl!

Love from your family who loves you more than all the birthday wishes in the world!


(Lurking right back at ya.)

Congratulations on your impending referral! According to RQ, the referrals *finally* complete March.

THE TIME HAS COME!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

30th is an R5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL....you know, just saying..... ;O)

SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!! Can't wait to see THE post!!!!!!

I am checking in on you today like every five minutes!!!
My fingers are crossed that today will be the day!!!

waiting waiting waiting for you! seriously, referrals always bring back that wonderful feeling of our referral of evajun... it's such a magical moment. sending you much love and many many hugs!

This is so exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!

I will be stalking!!!! ;o)

we, here in Carmel are holding our breath for you and your family, its coming, its coming. holding wonderful thoughts and sending them your way.... so exciting.... Gyll, Stacey, and Ryleigh (of course)

So excited and happy for you!!! I can't wait for an update. Congratulations early - enjoy this special day!!!

-- kelly :-)

So excited for you. I hope you see your little girls face soon and what a wonderful gift for her Daddy to remember on his birthday!!

Iam so excited for you guys! I hope you get your long awaited wish today!!!!!! Can't wait to see her sweet face. Hannah and I will be watching!!

Shani and Hannah

Happy Birthday!

I can't wait to meet the little one! I keep checking RQ and your blog for her pic!

Congratulations a little bit early...I'll keep checking back!

Been thinking of you all day... hoping... hugs to ya... no need to worry anymore :)

Happy birthday Mike. It's good to hear your best gift is on its way.