29 December 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 - 10 comments

Visa's + Dim Sum + Friends = A FAB day!

Yesterday we headed up to the city, San Francisco that is, to turn in our visa applications and meet up with some friends for lunch! It was a fabulous day! And it was the next step in this journey to our girl. It is just so amazing to be doing this, actually it is a bit bizarre, it feels so strange to actually be doing something for our adoption besides updating paperwork or waiting. Our lives have been on hold for so long that now that we are finally moving we aren't yet used to these amazing feelings! Yesterday was a great way to get the fog cleared out of our heads and realize that yes this is really happening now!

So after we spent just a few minutes in the Chinese Consoluate, we headed out into the streets of San Francisco. I SO love this city!

We then met up with Michelle and Joe in Chinatown for some Dim Sum and visiting. Good times and we are so looking forward to doing that again soon but next time with Baby J in tow! Yippieee!! We had such a great time just chatting, catching up and eating!!

Our lunch was lively but too short! We had to run home to get back to our sweet pups and get the teenage boys off to their next adventure which I just found out was an all nighter, their first....oooo to be a teenager again!

As we drove out of town with coffee in hand Mike drove me past the exact spot he was standing on when he received my phone call that we had a daughter....The end to a perfect day!


Glad you will be travelling soon. Hope you hear about your travel dates soon.

It does sound like it was a great day... can't wait to see little Jen..

What fun!! I love SF too. I use to live in St Helene for my first year of college. We would sneek down on the weekends!

Like the Fancy Nancy book! Gabby loves them.

I wonder when we will get our TA? Hopefully soon!

Are you going back next week to pick up your Visa's?


sounds like a great day!

Perfect Day..
Love the photos..
I have only been to San Fran.. one time.. John took me there when we first met..
Have a great week..

We had such a good time. Finally I can say that he next time I see you, little J will be in your arms. Woo hoo!

One of my favorite cities on earth... glad y'all had such a wonderful days with friends. And that you are another step closer to traveling to another of my favorite cities.

What a fun day! San Francisco is such a neat city! I wish I could hop in my car and drive "into town"!

It's all getting so real....VISAS!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!! You don't know me, but I have been following your blog! Congrats on your referal!! I live in San Francisco so of couse I jumped for joy when I read this post! It is a lucky and magical city--and YAY for PINE street!!!!

I can't wait to read of your coming adventures!!!