28 December 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009 - 5 comments

Quick snack!

I've been trying to sit down to do a quick post on Christmas but haven't found an ounce of time or actually the desire to really sit down and write. Once again this year Christmas was very quite. Big J was with his dad again this year so that next year he will be with us on Christmas eve and morning. So it was a very mellow and very quite holiday. Surprisingly it was nice.

Mike and I had a wonderful evening with our families on Christmas eve and then came home and watched White Christmas until midnight and fell blissfully asleep. Our morning was nice, we enjoyed egg and sausage biscuits and waited for Big J to come home at noon. Like I said, pretty quite and I guess pretty boring. Of course boring only lasts so long! Once our boy was home it was time to rip and tear!

In keeping with the quietness of our last holiday without our daughter, we decided to do something completely off kilter and VERY different for Christmas night! We went to out to dinner!!!! WOW! I haven't done that since my granny was alive and being an adult I can now see why she enjoyed doing holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) out. We had a FABULOUS dinner where we were surprised when we got to the table to find my mom and step dad sitting there waiting for us along with my grandma and my uncle. We had a great time and never once felt like we were all missing out on something. Dinner was SO good, company was just right and the atmosphere was so spirited! It was perfect! I'm seeing a tradition in the making here!

After dinner Mike, Big J and I did yet another off the wall thing for us and went to see a late movie. We waited in line with a million other people to see Sherlock Holmes and delighted in the merriment of the days end. We really wanted to have a very different holiday this year and make it fun and abnormal...do I ever do anything normal?? :) Well we managed to accomplish that goal and while we may do dinner out again on Christmas in the future, I think the years ahead in our lives will be filled with matching PJ's, egg nog by the fire and much family and our children near by. I wouldn't change a thing about this year though, it was a definite celebration!


Doing the non traditional things are good once in awhile.. this is actually the first year we didn't do matching pj's.. but next year hopefully we are back on track..
Love the photo of your Grandmother and you..
love ya girly..
Have a great week..

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! It must have been funhaving more of a relaxed day instead of all the traditional and sometime stressful requirements we have to do! Ours was non-traditional too! It was a nice change!!

Nice photo's of the dogs and their stockings! Molly was the same way trying to dig in to hers!!
So cute...


It looks as though your Christmas was lovely. It was so good seeing you today!

Now hurry up and be over January! I can't wait for February to come around so you can hold Jenny in your arms!

Sounds perfect! Last Christmas without your daughter! You will have new and old traditions to blend together next year. Enjoy!

Happy New Year!
Alyzabeth's Mommy

Looks like a fantastic Christmas! Bailey got the same duck! hehe! ;)