09 November 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009 - 17 comments

It's all about the girl!

This weekend was nothing but about baby! With the holidays upon us, we wanted to get some stuff done and out of the way before the hecticness of the season started so we went and registered. I'm glad we did though because this only being the first weekend of November, the malls were PACKED and there is nothing but holiday decor EVERYWHERE! Now we'd registered before but that was 4 years ago and we needed a fresh start, this time while it was a bit weird doing it before referral, it was still fun and a much needed distraction to these final days of waiting.

After a long day of crowds and pregnant women we came home to the sweetest package in the mail! Leme back up a bit though....About a year ago I pretty much went on a spending freeze for anything baby. I just didn't have it in me anymore and every time I went to buy something I just couldn't and when I could I bought for others instead. Well these last few weeks of anticipation for referral I'm feeling like I need to catch up on my lack of shopping for baby girl and I started looking for her first doll. I unfortunately missed out on another amazing adoptive moms talents of making beautiful dolls before they sold out and so I set out on finding another doll maker. After scouring Etsy for days I found her shop! Becky is also adopting and all of the proceeds of her sales go towards their adoption and she is WONDERFUL to work with! I was able to pick out exactly what I wanted our baby girls doll to look like right down to the red bows on her braids. So when we came home from our excursion on Saturday and opened the mail this is what was there to say hello to us.

Thank you Becky!! She will be forever loved I'm sure!!!

Besides spending a day wondering around a store feeling all dreamy and excited and finding sweet packages in our mailbox, this weekend was our friends sample sale for Keen products. OOOOO BOY!! All year long I've been dreaming of this sale and saving my money to buy the perfect pair of Keen shoes for traveling and maybe a pair or two for baby girl. Instead of finding the perfect shoes for me or her, I ended up walking out of there with the perfect diaper bag! Let me tell you the whole finding the perfect diaper bag thing has been painful. I'm not a big baby frilly diaper bag kinda mom. I like them simple yet functional and not covered with ducks and bows. I have found a few over the years that have tickled my fancy but hello I honestly can't spend that kind of money on a diaper bag. So when I saw this I melted.

It's perfect. It has what I need and hello it even has a light in it. HA! To add a cherry to the top, it was only 30 bucks! Sweet!

With diaper bag in hand, a sweet faced dolly ready and waiting and registry complete, we're ready for referral.
Leme say that again...we're ready for referral China!


The doll is tooo CUTE.. and the diaper bag is GREAT.. and GREAT price..
sounds like you are ready..
I have 2 perfect things waiting for __________ Jennifer.. and I can't wait to send them after seeing her pretty little face..

Girl, I am so excited for you!!!

Oh Kayce!! I am so excited for you!! It's SO fun seeing you get your things that you will soo have with you in CHINA!! woohoo!!! Bring on the referrals!!!

Ooooh! I love that bag! We don't have diapers around here anymore but a good functional and PRETTY bag always catches my eye! Hee hee... I still use my diaper bag when we go to movies because I can smuggle in all kinds of snacks along with a couple of blankets for the girls (baby blankets, no less!).

Okay China, I'm soooo ready for referrals! Bring 'em on!!

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Just love the adorable doll for Jennifer! She is really sweet.

The diaper bag is cute and functional. It is hard finding one that is not frilly. Love that it has a light in it.

So hoping and praying that the referrals come soon for you!!

I am trying to heal from my surgery on Friday. Going to nap now!


Oh, I know you are ready!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend:) Love the dolly and the diaper bag!! Now bring on the babies:)


What an exciting weekend! The doll is adorable!

I agree with you on the diaper bag. I am not big into bows and duckies, either. The one you found is FANTASTIC!!!

OK, sooooooo excited and freaking out for you at the same time. I just cant wait for another week or so---- bring them on!!!!!!! Great weekend. What a special time to get your referral-- around the holidays and baby Jesus and all!! Love this time of the year- puts me in a good mood! Im so happy for you guys and just cant wait!

Christy :)

Bring it on...I'm so ready for the next batch of referrals!

YAY! I'm so glad she got there and that you like her! She was so fun to make and knowing she will be making the trip to China and soon be in the arms of your baby girl is so exciting! Seeing her picture on your blog was fun, and I can't wait to see your baby girl!

If everything works out the way it should, you will be scraping the heels of Christmas on your trip to China, huh! Here's to referrals!

Love th e doll, going to look for one now!!!

Did you see this a.m. that the first rumor is out? "All of March Done"!!! :) Woo hoo!! It's time!!

I can't stand this suspense! I love the bag. come on stork, bring baby Jennifer!!!

that doll is beautiful. Love the bag too.

I got your card today. It made my day.

Love you lots my friend.


Love Love Love the bag it is so you and BTW so me too.

I am waiting right along with ya

What an awesome time for you and your family, Kayce. I'm so happy your days are filled with fun and adoption goodness.

Embrace this time! Enjoy!

I love, love, love your diaper bag. I have diaper bag envy... and I NEVER thought I would say that. I, too, am not a big, baby frilly, covered with ducks and bows diaper bag kinda mom. Eww... I used a tan backpack for the Tongginator, but I want something a tad better this next go around. Love yours!