11 November 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - 16 comments

Almost but not quite yet

This really is the worst part of the wait. The worst by far. The end. Many people have told me this over the years, but I always thought, "really?? how can it be any worse than the wait we've already endured?". Truth be told it's beyond anything to date. To explain it is hard because it's all still unknown until the end when you're holding that precious picture of your child in your hands, close to your heart. We've still got a few more days maybe even a week or more before the end is truly done.

What makes all of this even harder is the knowing, KNOWING, that there is a little girl in China waiting for us. She is born. She is breathing. She is here. And all that is going through our heads is, what does she look like, where is she, what is her name, how old is she, is she healthy, is she loved, is she, is she, is she.....? While she knows not of what lies ahead for her, we do. We have been preparing for her since July 2005. We have been dreaming of her. Our lives have been put in perpetual limbo because we can not see ourselves moving forward without her going there with us. Knowing that the future is within grasp, just a few inches away is what makes this end the worst part of the wait.

It seems as though we may have just a few more days to wait. Rumors are all over the place right now...matches complete, matching just starting, they made it through March, and now something in the air. Well the roller coaster has officially made me hurl this morning and Friday can't be here quick enough! To help the weekend pass we are off to get recharged and surround ourselves with Big Sur....ahhhhhhhh only there we can truly breathe through this labor and complete the last few days of this journey. These are the last few days we wait for our daughter.

While today was up and down and up and down again, I was blessed with the perfect distractions to the nauseating ride....first I got to have a quick email chat with Catherine and read through all the wonderful comments here and on FB, then my mom picked me up and we went and did some shopping and then not an hour passed when the phone rang with a little bit of sunshine to seriously brighten my day (thank you M3! it was PERFECT timing!!), then my sister showed up when I got home to check RQ with me since she'd been at a class all afternoon and needed to find out what was happening and then to top the day off some girlfriends swept me up to enjoy a dinner event at friends new deli in town. So as I lay my head down to sleep tonight, I realize I'm going to make it through these last few days without getting sick all over myself. I've got wonderful people holding my hand with me. I love you all!!


So excited for you all!!! Can't wait to see her precious face!!!!

So glad you were there when we called!!! It was great to see you. Always puts a smile on my face. We're cheering you on and can't wait to hear the news. Soon, soon...

And I'm waiting right beside you Kayce...
I leave this am for another photography workshop(this time in Philly) for the weekend, but am bringing my laptop to check in now and then to see what's happening. SO excited for you!

It is surreal and I know that I could not believe how I felt. The support and love of others helped a lot. And you are surrounded by many who care for you, your guys and your baby girl!

It is a nerve wracking, barftastic, life changing moment in your life. Take it all in!

SO excited for you and looking forward to your amazing news!

Keep smilin!

It's hard at the end indeed... but I can't wait for you to experience the wait washing away. Your little one's face is going to push the world out and make your heart so full!!! :) So close...

Hey LID sista...DAYS LEFT. That's all. Not years. Not months. Not even weeks, I don't think. Just days.


My stomach is in knots for you with excitement and anticipation. I can only imagine what you are going through. The wait was horrible for us but since we ended up going the SN route, the phone call to us came as a complete shock. Here's hoping you have news tomorrow but if it doesn't I'm praying you have the strength and patience to get through the weekend and however many days until you get your call.

Could today be the day? or tomorrow? I can't wait!!! We are so happy for you guys and just cannot wait to see the picture of your new daughter!!

Back again...checking in! I am stalking you BIG time.

Keep smilin!

I dreamt about your referal last night, I saw a picture of a little girl about 3 years old in a chinese costume, her name was sue ue, it was weird. she was sitting with a few other children. anyway, we r so excited for you in this coming week. Gyll ( Gramma to Ryleigh)

Kayce....I reading and waiting beside you.. Yes this is a very hard part of the whole process..and it gets hard once you have the picture and you are anxious for travel....so hold on sista...the ride is just getting started and it will be so thrilling!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the news...

So excited for you! I would be going nuts if it were, hope you continue to stay busy until you see your sweet girls face.

It's great that you have so many supportive people in your life. Take full advantage of that!

Stepping off "the ride" with that picture in your hand is the best feeling in the world!

I am SUPER EXCITED to see your baby girl.. you know I am here holding your hand.. LOVE YA..
and you know I love you more when you send me texts to keep me updated.. I am sooo ready to see the text with her photo..

you have waited for her for so long. your perspective will change so much once you get to china. it's just... well, you'll see. but you'll realize things you never could during the wait and blogland will look much, much, much different :O) and you'll see that she wasn't waiting for you at all, but that she was without a doubt MEANT to be in your life, meant to be your child.

Big Sur sounds perfect. not long now and you'll be riding on the waves of that referral- such a HIGH!! i can't wait... i am so happy for you guys.