06 November 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009 - 9 comments


After 12 VERY. LONG. weeks, we are holding our updated I-171h. Officially this update took a week longer than when we filled our original paperwork in November of 2005. Our original paperwork took them 11 weeks to process, those 11 weeks have cost us so much! Wow! Thank you to the turtle who was moving our paperwork and finally getting it to us!!

Now here's the kicker....Both Mike and I did our fingerprints on the same exact day, Monday, and guess what?? our fingerprints expire 2 months apart. Gotta love our bureaucratic system! All I know is this is it, no more refilling, no more sitting at the mailbox begging for a simple piece of paper to arrive. No more tears stressing over it. No more.

Okay....let's bring on referrals! And TA's for this last batch!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!


Oh Yeah!! I know the relief it is to recieve that LAST update! How funny that your fingerprints expire 2 months apart! Go figure!

I am soo excited to see little Jennifer's face soon! Come on referrals!!!

Have a great weekend Kayce!

BIG sigh of relief!!!! I am so happy it finally came! Bring on referrals!! :)

Whoooohoooooo!! Phew.

the fingerprint thing is really odd. I am glad that you paperwork FINALLY arrived. I want to see baby Jennifer!

Yes, lets bring on the referrals! WIth any luck, word on referrals will come the same day the doll arrives in your mailbox... that should be Monday or Tuesday. :)

SO happy for you!! What a relief!! Now bring on those referrals....PLEASE:)


That is a reason to celebrate!! Enjoy and relax!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Oh my Kayce... I saw your heading saying 'Finally' and so I had to dash over to hear about your referral. I thought for a minute there that I had missed something while I was away... alas it wasn't a referral but the updated paperwork is still an excellent thing... now bring on the baby :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just in the nick of time! OK...breathe!