13 November 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009 - 15 comments

Still holding out hope

At this point that is all we can do is hope. Current rumors do not look so good...another delay....another set back. While we were hopeful that today would be the day we now know it's not and so we will look towards Monday with strong hope. The protective walls around our hearts are gone and all we can do now is stay strong in our hope and faith to make it through.


BIG hugs! I hope that next week bring wonderful news.

Keep smilin!

Hang in there.... YOU ARE IN THIS NEXT BATCH. Hopefully next Monday/next week will be THE week. Fingers crossed.

Hi Kayce,

Your so so close!! Yeah! Next week will be your week. Can't wait to see her!


Hang in there sweetie!!! You're inching up to the top of the rollercoaster ride for sure now... :-)

Where is that darn bird? (stork)

You are almost there Kaycee! Hang in there. I am praying that you will see her on Monday!


ARGH! I am so sorry Kayce. I don't know why this has to be so agonizingly drawn out for you guys. You have still been in my prayers every single night. Hugs!

Ho hum... I have my sandcastle if you need to join...

Hang on girly. you will see her face soon..

Hang in there! Not too much longer!!!

I wish I knew words that would help, but I don't. Just know you are in my thoughts! This crazy roller coaster ride will be over soon! What a Wonderful Thanksgiving this will be!
(positive thinking!) :o)

You are so close, you are SOOOOO close I bet you can even smell the sweet sence of baby. (and I'm not talking about the poopy side) I am so sorry this is dragging on for you. This is quite a long ride girl hang on.

Our TA's are in those packages, and then your referrals WILL be next!!!
It really happens!!
Hang On!

I know how hard this is on you. This was the worst part for me... once you see that face .... the years just melt away and you're in love. :o)
Thinking of you.

Ugh!! What would a referral batch be without delays!! hang in there girl, you will see those sweet little eyes you've waited years to see, very soon. Love ya girl!! I'm watching for the stork right along with ya! :)