08 October 2009

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What I've Learned This Week *Updated with picture!

*Had to add a picture....last night was the first game with Big J on the team and while he couldn't play yet, he did get to participate. That's him WAY out there wearing number 11. It's not his official number, but he looked so dang handsome out there running the downs. You ROCK buddy!!!!!

Football changes your life. This week has been nothing but football and it wont be stopping for awhile. Learning it, watching it, practicing it, talking about it, and living it. The young man who came home last week with his plan for extra curricular activities has blossomed. He is suddenly very confidant and has this aura around him that could light the forest on fire. As you know it is the tail end of the high school football season so you may be wondering how he was able to get on the team...well our fb program is a learning program and allows kids to come on and learn the game of fb which is exactly what Big J needed since he's never played the sport. As long as he gets a certain number of training hours in before the end of the season, he may get to play one or two games. He's working hard at learning and he's coming home exhausted and STARVING! Besides Big J, two young women joined the team too last week. Girl power!!! Some parents aren't too pleased to see girls playing football, but me...bring it on!

Dreams really do come true. I know many of us in bloggy land have followed Kris's journey to her daughter but seeing her dreams unfold these last few weeks have been such a boost for me. A fairy tale of love for sure!

My Grandma had all 7 of her children naturally. I'm lucky enough to live so close to my grandma and I take complete advantage of it! Once a week we play cards at her house and we do nothing but talk, laugh and learn about each other's lives. I've always been extremely close to her, but this is new, it's more than just watching her cook, it's listening and learning about her life. I've learned so much in the last few months, like what it was like for her when my Grandpa went to Korea and she was a new mom with two little babies. She moved back home with her parents and loved getting to know her parents all over again. She's told me about the weekends she and my grandpa would go out to the desert and go shooting, wonderful pre kids times for them. This week we talked about our pregnancys...she with 6 (one set of twins) and me with 1 and a very long gestation of adoption. We each learn something and tearing us apart at the end of the day is hard, but we both know there's always next week.

The Biggest Loser is so inspiring! That show is one of the most inspiring shows I've ever seen. This week has been hard for me to get in my daily work out due to the fact that I over pushed myself the last two weeks and messed up my knees. I've been dancing instead of using the elliptical or not working out at all and of course all I've been doing is complaining. Well after this weeks BL, I really am a whiner and need to just get over it. If Coach Moe can deal with it so can I! And HELLO David! You are amazing! And then there is Abby. Oh I cry every time I see her face. She inspires me to no end. No end.

I have major baby brain! It's non stop. All I can think about is babies. I stop when I see one on TV, I turn to find the "little voice" in a store, I stare at our baby girls crib and am just filled with hope. I have been having dreams nightly of a little girl whose face I can never really see. In the dreams I always seem to be in the distance looking at her. The other night I had a dream I was in a big church and I was watching Mike and a beautiful black haired bride walking toward me and I was crying. Mike looked so proud and the church was filled with family and friends. It was obvious my husband was walking his daughter down the isle to give her away. I woke up and had a huge smile on my face and my heart overflowing with emotions. I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up this month and turn into a blubbering ball of excitement. The disappointment of last month was very hard on several of our family members and this month I will not be sharing rumors with anyone around us. When we have a referral in our hands is when we will share the excitement with our loved ones until then we sit in hope and enjoy the dreams we are having.

So much has changed! All good changes, but lots has changed! I mentioned last week that I'd put up a funny video to help all of us waiting until referrals come and this is what I came up with. It's one I've posted before and after reviewing the ones with my niece and nephews I decided not to put those up because this one always cracks me up! I am amazed to see the date on it was December 2007, almost a lifetime ago it seems and SO many changes in our lives! Enjoy....

We need a break. It's been a while since we've gone camping and tomorrow we are heading out to go explore The Pinnacles National Monument for the weekend. I can not wait to enjoy every minute of it!! Many pictures to follow I'm sure.

Hope the week has been fabulous for you and the weekend ahead is filled with good fun and love!


Such a positive spirit in your words! Dreams that will one day, some sooner then others, come true. Treasure your loved ones, old and young. Love it!

Enjoy your weekend!

Keep smilin!

All such great things happening with you...

I'm so happy for Big J. It's so important to experience everything they can during HS and this was a great thing for him to get passionate about... team building stays with us throughout life in so many ways... proud of him for you!


Sooo happy for Big J... Nick LOVED football...
sounds like great things happening..
have a great weekend..
Let's hope MOnday is the day..
love ya..

How wonderful that you get to spend such valuable, quality time with your grandmother. What a treasure that must be. I'm also impressed by how well your pushing extracurricular activities worked!! Very exciting.

*grin* What a smile I have now. And watching Kris' story unfold has been so amazing.

Aw, I LOVE that the girls are playing football too! (Ok, to be completely honest, I love it as long as they're not my girls, hehehe. I'd be so worried they'd get pummeled.)

Have a fun trip!

What a happy post!!!! We love football in our house..all four of my boys played through high school and one plays in college...so much fun!!!
Enjoy your get away : )

You think you have a baby brain right now... so do I - it is all I can think of and I still have a few more months to go... not many I hope... wishing huge hopes for you...

Love the picture you added : )