16 October 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009 - 12 comments

Still Standing

It's been such a magical week that I've fallen off the blog wagon! With all the babies arriving, we've had so much fun checking out blogs and congratulating many new families! We are just so happy for everyone in this batch! Lots of dreams come true.
Like I said it's been a magical week. Once I realized we didn't make it in this last batch, I was a bit disgruntled for a few hours but soon realized that it's all good. It's all God's incredible plan. We are NEXT! When I told my sister that, she said...."oh my! You really are! NEXT!" Yup! We sure are!

The storm that passed through in the beginning of the week was a beater, but no trees fell and not too much damage to the recently burned areas around us. Phew! I got to spend the day with my mom and grandma playing cards and just watching the wind whip by. Driving though was a different story....30 MPH on the freeway is a bit weird. Today and into next week we are back to almost summer like weather, so much for winter coming.

Big J has it through his first grading period with excellent grades! WhoooHoooo! He's very happy with himself and so are we. He will be playing in his first game tomorrow morning and while he's all excited, I'm not sure if I should eat before the game. I have faith he will be ok....that's what I keep telling myself! Of course I'll have some pictures by tomorrow night! And for all you mom's with boys AND girls in football....PLEASE tell me how to turn those white pants back to white! OMY!! Big J brought his uniform home last night to be cleaned for the game and the pants were a nice brown color, no white left in em! I washed them twice, but they still look a bit dirty. Holy cow!

I must say that all you people who live in Texas....You all are the nicest people!!!!!!!! I've been doing sales calls all week to Texas and I've yet to be on a call for less than 5 minutes or be hung up on! Several calls have been like talking to long lost friends, the conversations just go on and on and are easy and always end with "you have a great day!". Like I said, nice people!

Baby J's room is coming along well with the finishing touches. I'm determined to spend an hour or more a day in there just puttering around and getting things washed and ready. This week I started adding the red accents to the decor....here's a photo we bought from the artist over three years ago and we, well I mean Mike, painted the frame and it looks just so dang cute in there! Gotta love a sock monkey in pink chucks with a pink scarf sitting on a sign in Vegas!

Welp....gotta run. It's too beautiful to sit inside today! Hope everyone has a great weekend and for all of you who got your referrals this week...enjoy your weekend gazing at your beautiful babies faces!

Oh yeah...did I mention we're next! NEXT!!! Still hasn't quite sunk in yet, but it sure as heck feels nice to say it!! NEXT!



It is true, when you see your daughter's face the long wait disappears.

YEE HAW!!! I can't wait for you guys. It is long over due.

When I was at our agency yesterday dropping off our LOI they mentioned that they had a bunch of referrals and they were really young and beautiful little girls. Ah....

It is just such an exciting time. You guys will have Jennifer's little picture soon!! Just wait until you get updates... I kinda went wait what happened to my baby... Oh he's a toddler now! Which is perfect for us and he is just too cute! One picture of him is sitting on a scooter/motorcycle in town.

Hey, maybe we will be in China around the same time! Wouldn't that be something.

: ) Jody

and yes you are NEXT my friend!!!! You've go such a great attitude...

Adorable pic too!

Have a great weekend!

next, Next, NEXT!!!! Sweetest word ever. :-)

I am soooo EXCITED>.
Love ya..
Can't wait to see _____ J's room..
NEXT... NEXT....NEXT.....NEXT........

Soak his pants in OxyClean overnight. You can't hurt them and it should take any extra dirt and stain that is causing the "pink".

The only thing better than a sock monkey in Vegas, is us in Vegas. Just name a date and time and I'll be there!

As for baby, well, you know. I like you with or without. NEXT is pretty cool, too.

Lots of Love, Allison

I LOVE the sock monkey picture. Eli has a sock monkey.

It sounds like everything is going well there.

Thumbs up about the great grades!

What a relief it must be to FINALLY know that you're next!

Phew! What a ride, huh!


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Next, for sure, how can you stand it!!!!!!! The anticipation must be amazing. I'm very excited for you. I hope referrals come sooner rather than later for you.

Wow, what a feeling to know you are next!! Congrats!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Love the sock monkey! And you are next! You're next! Next! Yay! Next!