16 September 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 22 comments

What's That????

When I woke up and checked my email, my box was already overflowing with messages from people telling me about the 29th possibly being in this next batch....could it be? I ran upstairs to my sleeping husband to tell him and immediately went numb inside and then my tummy went into cartwheels! Suddenly I had a mild case of panic or it's a major case of butterflies! Could it really be possible? I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised, well actually I would be. I've been so focused on October being our month for so long now!

All that filled my head after that was our daughter. What was she doing right then? How big is she today? What milestone has she accomplished in the last 24 hours? Will I see her face with in a matter of weeks?? Was she sleeping good as I was starting our day??

I'm asking myself all these questions and realized...um we're NOT ready for "the call"! So after a fun filled day playing cards with grandma, hanging out with my second cousins who are in town and spending the afternoon downtown shopping with my niece, I came home and sat down to put together a list of questions to ask when that call comes in, made three copies, one for each car (just in case right?!?!) and one for the house. Pens ready! Bring on the call! If it's in the next few weeks we're ready, if it's next month we're ready for that too!

Baby girl...we are ready!

Off to do some more cartwheels!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Wow! Wouldn't that be wonderful!? Glad you're ready for THE call!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

I hope, hope, hope that we are celebrating really soon!!!

Keep smilin!

Please, please, please let them get to 3.29.06. :o)

WHAT?!?!!! This is the first I've heard of the 29th... then again, I've been sleeping and recovering, not stalking RQ. Now I'm REALLY on pins and needles. Hoping and praying for y'all to be included this go around.

Let it be true, let it be true!!!

Hope so-we should be traveling Oct 22-do to the trade fair maybe we will see ya there!

Fingers crossed!!! Come on referrals!!!!

Oh man, come on 29th!!!!!!!!

Sooooo keeping everything crossed for you!!! VERY EXCITING INDEED!

Come on 29th!

Yippee...your wait is down to just a matter of weeks for sure. Hang on to the list though...you may be needing it sooner rather than later!!! Good luck sleeping! tee hee

Bring on the little ones!

Let's meet in China! I would love that!
PS. yes, we can meet in CA too. Sorry I forgot to write back. I gotta the referral-brain-a-real-bad!

Hoping for you that you get the call.. I went numb... can it be... thinking of you

I've been thinking of you and 3D all week. My fingers are crossed for you both. :)


I sooo HOPE that they go through the 29th..
can't believe that Hubby and I would be wrong..LOL..
but so hope there is a first..LOL..
Sooo can not wait to see _________

WooHoo!!!!!!! It's going to be a lllooonnnggg week!

OMG! Can't believe this is finally happening!

I am so happy for you guys Kayce. What a wonderful and exciting time for you and your family. Yay!!!! Come on 29th!

AAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Let this weekend end quickly!

Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited for you guys I can hardly stand it!

When I saw the 29th I too when running to your blog. You are more then ready bring it on China.