14 September 2009

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Pu-Pu Platter

I've been having a hard time writing lately, well actually hitting publish to be more exact. Not sure why, but for now I offer a large platter of Pu-Pu's to offer you....

* I have been setting up my office for the last week and I feel all grown up again!! I now not only have one room in the house that is all mine, I have two!!! All mine! My laundry room is mine. Just mine. Painted pink and it holds my wonderful washer and dryer and all my linens and stuff and I love it. So when I needed to set up a space for my new job, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a part-time space where I would have to move household bills, documents or the like in order for me to bust a move. So my ever wonderful husband (he needs his own bullet by the way) moved all the house stuff out and gave me the entire room.

So here you see my office space which was clean but after my first offical day of working it is now a mess! On the other side of the room is my craft area which I can't photo right now because it's overflowing with a project I'm working on and looks like a disaster area. But the fact of the matter is, is that it's my sweet, sweet space and it's attached to the playroom so when baby J comes home, I'm not stuffed in a closet somewhere, but right here!

* I've been nose deep into the Twilight series for a while now. I read one book then go and read a few other books on my reading list then go back and read the next book in the series. So as you may see it's taken me a few months to work my way through the four books. Well I started Eclipse about a week ago and finished it in a matter of minutes and was not about to pick up something else until I'd read the fourth book, Breaking Dawn. I started it Saturday night and can not put it down. I read it while I was on the elliptical today and was sweating and huffing and puffing like a mad woman when the machine did it's final beep and BAM! 45 minutes had passed and I didn't even notice! What is with those books, they're like cr@ck!

* All of Kayne West's songs have now been deleted from my music library. What he did to Taylor Swift made me cry. I turned around and bought her latest album to replace his deleted songs.

* Speaking of a$$holes like Kayne West, mean people just plain suck. Big J's dads house got broken into last Friday, they took all of Big J's video game machines and a few of his games along with cash, camera's and an iPod on top of ransacking the house. The police think it was just kids but that really doesn't matter. It happened and it really sucks! My poor boy was so sick over it as were we. That's not a hurt a mom can take away. Today when he came home from his dads I just held him for a bit longer than normal and he hugged back just as much.

* Last weekend we dog sat our neighbors dog.....

OMYWORD! He is adorable and just had a ball playing with the girls and hangin with us. Ain't he the cutest!?! Bark Bark!!

* So my husband is amazing! Seriously. Tomorrow marks the 13th anniversary of our first date...a blind one. I love him more and more everyday! I'm so glad his mom, my boss at the time, set us up on a date....I love you Cindy!! So besides being the love of my life, he's also gone through an incredible transformation in the last 9 months...he's lost 65 pounds. !!!!! He looks fabulous and says he's never felt better! I'm so proud of him and his hard work makes me continue to get out there on the elliptical (AKA: el diablo) at least 5 days a week. He inspires me to be better. He drives me to be all that I can be. He loves me for just being crazy ole me! Thank you my love. Thank you! I love you!

* Speaking of my husband driving me to be all I can be....(I'm admitting something embarrassing here...) He drove me to meet up with some friends on Saturday night because he knows how much I loathe this highway I'd have to drive and he also knows how much I hate to drive at night where I'm not familiar. I was all prepared to put on my Depends on and drive myself, but he said he didn't mind and that he'd enjoy the time and go see a movie and do some shopping. It was so wonderful to be able to spend the evening with friends and not be a shaking mess driving home! Thank you my love for EVERYTHING! See I told you he needed his own bullet! He needed two!

* And a special thanks to Michelle and M3 for a great night out! You're both amazing women and I'm so blessed to have met you along the way to China. I can't wait for the day we've got Sophie and Baby J to join in with the Salsa girls fun!

* My niece is such an inspiration to us! She just returned from Louisiana doing her second trip with the non-profit organization Lower Nine. She had finished her first trek on Mt. Whitney then jumped on a plane the following day (4th anniversary of Katrina) and spent the next two weeks doing volunteer work with the Lower Nine. Now she's getting ready for her second year at UCSC where she is pre-med. Thanks for being such a shinning star Rach! You make Mike and I proud and you make Big J work harder! We love you!!

* Homecoming is next week. Big J is looking forward to the events and going to the game and dance. The dance though is not like they were in the "olden days" as he says. It's just a dance...show up in your flip flops if you want...no big dresses and tuxes and all that jazz. High school is way different then it was back in the "olden days".

* Welp today was my first day on my own at the new job. I know I kinda left you in a lurch about what I'm doing...so here's the skinny....I'm doing sales for a web based (mommy run) company called Carpooltoschool.com which is a safe, secure way for parents to maintain and manage carpool networks within your school community. It's like F@cebook and G00gle calendar combined and can help you locate a carpool at your school and remind you when it's your turn to pick up or drop off. Go ahead and go for a test drive and let me know what you think! Or better yet tell your school to go for a test drive and give us a call for a full demo.

* My grandma and dad are both doing great! Grandma starts her 6 weeks of chemo washes in October and she is continuing to kick my butt in Rummy every week! My dad is recovering on his deck which is the best place in the world to sit and relax.... ...since this is the view. Thanks again for all your prayers.

* It rained last night and it was wonderful music to fall asleep to with all the windows open and the breeze coming in. Fall is in the air!

* There are some serious Marching Pandas getting referrals in this next batch of referrals and we couldn't be more excited for them all! Early rumors are saying that the 27th is in! Lets pray for the 28th too...Mike says this batch will definitely be the 27th-28th and then the 29th will start off the next month. OMG that's us! This month though is absolutely DRAGGING on and on!! Everyday Mike and I say "OMY it's ONLY September blahblah!!" Then we turn around and say" OMYG it's September blahblah!!! Are you kidding me?? Where has the year gone!" But it is just dragging! I can not imagine what next month is going to be like for us. I keep telling my friends..."you're gonna have to keep scraping me off the ceiling!" Thankfully we've got plenty of projects going on and lots of plans to keep us busy. One particular project is one I've been wanting to do for so long and I'm finally gonna do it! I had to find the perfect fabric and when we saw it, both Mike and I fell in love with it! Here's a hint....

....wow! this is a really long post! If you made it this far, you're awesome! I'm hitting publish!


Great post. I'm jealous (in a good way, not a mean way!!) of your hubby. He sounds like a total star.

I can't believe you guys are finally so, so close. Oh wow! I had tears in my eyes when I read how close to referral you are now. Somehow I hadn't realised that 'close' was this close for you! Fantastic!

I saw the Kanye thing on CNN yesterday. I can't believe he acted like that. How mean spirited and cruel. Poor girl to have that done to her. No 'apology' will ever give her back her moment to enjoy again. Silly little man.

Glad you are enjoying the new job and it is all going well. Love you office space. Prayers for your Grandma's therapy that all goes well - I guess she'll be able to look at the picture of her newest great-grand daughter before long!

Have a lovely week.

That WAS a long post ;-)
Your office looks great! Love that plaque!

I agree with you that Kanye West is an idiot. How totally tacky and rude!

You are so close to a referral and I am SO excited for you and all the other families who have been waiting a lifetime...

So... do you rent out your husband? Because I'd love a nighttime taxi driver.

Umm... wait... that could have sounded bad. I meant it in the literal sense. You know... just in case that sounded bad.

Busy busy you! Any news on the paperwork?

Great stuff going on 'cept for Kanye and robbery...boo!!

Things might turn out differently if RQ rumours are accurate...September might be your month and my month too!!! Fingers crossed!

Keep smilin!

Glad to hear about your Dad and Grandmother. That is good news! You have been a busy gal! Looks like your are keeping busy and having fun! Who knows, this might be your month after all!!

WOW...I feel all caught up on your life!!!

By the way...RQ is now reporting that the people with an LID of the 29th are being told they will be included in this batch!!!! Rumors, rumors, rumors...do we love them or hate them?! Hang in there...big, giant GULP!!

Love your post, so happy your Grandmother is doing well, am keeping her in my prayers.

Also just read the RQ rumor...wow! this could be your month mamma. You are so close...yaaay!!!

Thinking of you with these early rumors flying around!!! could it be!!!! :)

Rock'n post! xoxoxo,me

Hey Kayce,

I have to admit....I am back on the RQ bandwagon. I tried to stay away for a long time, but I am getting sucked back in.......Do you think it might be Sept instead of Oct?? Oh, I hope so.....I will be holding a good thought for you and all my other end of March LID'ers:)



WOW.. that was a LONG post.. but a Great one..
Love it..
Sounds like you are doing well.
Glad Grandma and Dad are doing well.
Have a great week.
I would love if RQ is correct..
love ya..

OK, getting far too excited!!! RQ is saying people with 29th are being told they are in so hold on, you may be seeing your little girls face in the next couple weeks-- OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS!!!! I CANT IMAGINE!! We have all been waiting to see you with her little picture for so long and now you are this close-- I have chills!! Pleae be true, please be true, please be true!!!!!


Christy :)

Just saw your post on my blog. Yes! I'm sure this does come as a huge surprise! At the rate the C2A2 has been going, this will be really huge if they pull this off!!! I hope you guys are able to get the paperwork thing ironed out.... Anyways, I just wanted you to know how excited I am for you and I hope that this amazing news is true!