02 September 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009 - 10 comments

Spell check is not your friend

Well not sure how many of you caught my spelling error in my updated post from below, I know my mom did because she was prompt in sending me an email to let me know that my grandma has muscles not mussels or barnacles in her bladder. Thanks mom, I love ya!

I do have to admit though that this is not my first "spell check" mistake nor is it my second or third I'm sure. I'm not the greatest of spellers just FYI. I LOVE my dictionary...LURVE it actually! But spell check, yeah we aren't friends too well. Last night when I was writing that update, I had spelled mussels wrong to begin with and hit spell check and got the spelling all taken care of. Or so I thought. I looked at it though and still thought it looked wrong, but I put it off as being tired from a long day and hit publish. Ahhh once again I learnt (is that a word?) a spell check lesson. But do you want to know my most embarrassing spell check lesson though?? Oh you'll LOVE this!

In my corporate days I wrote ad copy, proof read all the ad copy that went out and did marketing and worked with printers on all of our marketing materials. Great job, lots of fun, I was good at my job and just had a ball! Well one day I sent out an email to all employees including the outside sales team, oh about 100+ folks. The email was letting everyone know that our latest catalog was late coming from the printer and would be delayed a bit...blah blah blah....I apologized for the incontinence and hit send. Check that off the list and on my way to the next trauma.

Did anyone catch that??

From that day on I was known in the company as the employee that had incontinence and was quite inconvenienced by it.
Get me some Depends!!

Spell check is not always your friend. But for me it's makes great comedy!


I love you....you take after me darling, I'm not a great speller either and really count on spell-check but sometimes it too lets me down...we'll be each others spell-check!! And the humor will live on! xoxo,me

That is so funny. I do the same kind of thing, but it has never been quite as humorous as that.
Take Care, Cora

You made me snort giggle.

Hee! I didn't even catch it. I used to be a pretty good speller but I have become a little dependent on the spell check and now I find myself asking people how to spell words that I really should know how to spell!

I didn't catch it at all! You are funny!

I missed it too!! You are so funny:) It is unbelievable how much we rely on spell check!


I caught it...but I'm one of those ppl that loved(s) spelling. great post..;)

I caught it, but didn't have the heart to tell you. I figured you were all worked up and maybe you had shell fish on the brain. :) Allison

LOL funny. I get caught once in a while too ;O)

oh my gosh...too funny! Something I would easily do! ;)