25 September 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009 - 18 comments

Project Complete!

A friend had recently told me to invest in a sling on top of getting the Ergo, for quick trips into the store or for moments when putting the Ergo on was too much. So of course needing something to occupy my brain last weekend, I elected to make the said sling.

Mike and I spent at least an hour in the fabric store debating different fabrics when all of the sudden we spotted exactly what we wanted. What we walked out with is pure bliss! The sling is reversible with a velvety corduroy tan on one side and a dragonfly/bamboo serene scene on the other side. It was so easy to make!! Check it out.

So now that we have another weekend to keep our minds busy, I'm gonna have to find another project to keep my mind from swirling away in all things referral. Any ideas????

Is it Monday yet??


Hey, Kayce!
I'm Chan's friend. She asked me to check-in on your blog now and then. I hope you get your referral this week!!!
As a BTDT, I suggest making some (LOTS) changing pads you can fold into your purse, backpack, or diaper bag. I also used them at my folks' and to toss on the bed or floor. They don't have to be fancy. I used flannel on one side and a cotton blend (like your bamboo fabric) on the other. No batting needed. Just make rectangles. I suggest adding a row of top-stitching to make them sturdy. Make sure to make them long enough!!! I suggest 30-36 inches. You can even add ribbons at one end so you can roll them up and tie them. TAKE SOME TO CHINA. There are NO changing tables or counters. You WILL be changing diapers on the floor (YUCK!).
Hope your weekend flies by!
Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

LOVE it..
Great fabric... Of course you know dragonflies are my FAVORITE..

Adorable Kaycee! I bet you can't wait for Monday!! Neither can I. I will be checking in on you !!!


Oh my goodness I did the same thing, except in addition the ergo I made a ring sling. Love your fabric choice. Can't wait to see what happens next week!
Take Care, Cora

Beautiful fabric. I love it.

Hope you hear something early next week.

Very cute but I have to toss my support in for the ERGO. That thing got us through China and was the most amazing bonding tool. I loved it so make sure you get one before getting Jen. Did you see on RQ that the 29th being in is now an R3!!! wow!!!! Im getting nervous!!

Christy :)

LOVE the sling!!! I'm not as crafty and had to buy mine, but I used it everyday when in China and still use it now at home.

Hoping for Monday!!

p.s. thanks for your sweet email. I too hope to meet you soon. We are planning a family Vacation to California next summer, we may just have to stop by and say hi to Jennifer and her mommy! ;)

It is beautiful! Well done!
Thanks for the link too!
And may I just say, WTHeck is up with September?

You crafty girl.....I am impressed, I don't think I could have put that together. Sewing is one of the areas that I am severely challenged!! I love your fabric choice....perfect. Now if they could just get to those referrals!

Hope you are staying busy!


Nice!! I love the fabric choice!!
Hoping Monday comes quickly with some wonderful news..

Kayce, it is beautiful!! I love it!!! I am just so aggitated and restless waiting for referrals to come out, I am so excited for you!!!

Love, Kristy

29th in R3 OMGoodness the ride is coming to an end:)

You are so crafty

Hang in there! And let us know what crafty thing you attempt next... I was impressed with the sling.

You did great! Keep thinking of her..... she will be with you soon.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year!

Cute! It looks soft and comfortable.

LOVE it! You are so talented.

Keep smilin!