24 September 2009


This silence is killing me! Come on and bring on Jennifer's sweet face!

The silence is killing me too!!! Kayce I am "Believing" right along with you.

Love, Kristy

I am with you girly..

YES Believe and have faith!!
I bet you are sitting on pins and needles.....

Blessings and smiles....

Oh Oh check out RQ!


It seems to be working!!! RQ is saying R3 that you are in!!

Keep smilin!

Keep on Believing! I agree with 3D, it seems to be working!! Just a little bit further to go! Isn't it hard to concentrate on anything now??? Soon!!

yes, yes!!
Thinking of you with my fingers crossed.. ;)

Oh my gosh..... I'm all goosebumpy!!!


So, how are you sleeping these days?! tee hee

The suspense over this batch of referrals has hit an all time high for me...I'm dying here!!

I'll be checking in with everyone on Monday! Yippee!

You have NO idea as to how much I have been thinking of you all day today - as soon as I heard the rumour... oh my... so super happy for you all...

Hold on my friend.....hold on!


Oh my gosh!! An R3 from Rumor Queen that you are in!! Come on Jennifer let your Mommy and Daddy see your adorable face.

I've got tears in my eyes and lots of joy in my heart for you! Trying to be patient and I'm not even the one getting the possible referral.....

Big hugs and calming peace being sent to you !!