28 September 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009 - 6 comments

Escaping the roller coaster

This last weekend Big J was at his dads and well, it came down to this...I escaped reality. I landed in Sunset Valley. Here there is someone who controls every minute of every day. There is never fog and never dog poop to pick up. Meals are the same every time, apple pancakes, surprise stu or a meal at the only two resturants in town. You even get 8 hours of sleep every single day! Wow! What a wonderful concept it is to be in control. I control the entire future of Sunset Valley. I am in total control! Well actually I'm in total control of only one thing right now....my Sims 3 game.

Besides being stuck in a non reality computer game, I've managed to clean out the refrigerator, and get very little else done. I'm fried! I can not think of anything else except our adoption. I can't even remember anything anymore. Did I brush my teeth this morning?? I have thousands of what ifs running through my head and no control over the outcome. I hate not being in control!!!! Thank goodness for good friends and a great husband though! Saturday some friends called me up and told me to get dressed and get ready to go...and out they took me! No talk of the what ifs, just mama chat and catching up on what's new. Then Sunday my sweet husband (who by the way did not wake me up at the crack of dawn this morning to tell me that a package is on the way from China - Thank you again my love!) and I went and did a bit of shopping and found this! OMWord! Hello!

This was my favorite toy as a child! They even have the Busy Bee (which I still have somewhere!) and the clock to name a few of the old time classics. Needless to say Baby J now has her first phone, now if we could only get it to ring.

So until we see our agencies name appear on the caller ID, I wait and play Sims.


That was my favorite toy!!! I remember leaving it outside and it was covered in snow. I LOVED that toy!

Thanks for joining the Give Away! That toy looks awesome and hopefully a little person will be jabbering away in it soon!

:) Jody

this is tooo weird.. I went on a little shopping spree today myself.. for our 29th LID.. and they had this in Kohl's as an ornament.. I asked my mom for mine but it was broken..I have been looking for this pull phone for months..
Please do tell me where you got it.???
I sooo hope the calls come on Wed.. I am going crazy.. I can imagine how you are feeling..

Ring Phone Ring!!! :)

Oh my gosh!!! other than my dolls those were my favorite too Kayce!!

Love, Kristy

"cept for the Sims, we are SO alike! The lack of control sometimes makes wonder if I am going to lose my mind!!!!

LOVE the toy. I had one of those too.

Keep smilin!