29 September 2009

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While we wait for a package to arrive from China tomorrow, we've put together a little video for your listening and viewing pleasure....this is how WE wait! If our referral is not in this batch (if in fact that is what the package is), we plan on going on tour to help pass the time. But seriously folks, we're asking for a miracle here...we need to see our daughter and sisters face this week!! Today is 41 months and hopefully the last month of waiting!

Baby girl...

We can't wait to see your face and learn all about you! You are a constant in our thoughts and already loved so much!

Love you!

Mommie, Daddy and Jacob


Too fun!! I had no idea you guys were so talented!!
One Way Or Another it will be soon!!

You just made me laugh and smile alot!

Thank you for sharing....
:) Jody

What a fun family your little girl is going to have!

Have you thought about signing up for American Idol? ;-)

Ok thank you for that- I am waiting on TA and I pray it is in that package too!

OMW... Ok.. John,Nick,Colton ,KyLee and I are coming over.. to ROCK IT OUT..
That was AMAZING..
I knew we would get along....

I heart you even more! I want to hang with you! That is one of my favorite songs too.

I love your way of passing the wait time.

Keep smilin!

Oh you asked a few post back about what is taking so long-Its a Hague adoption and it is so crazy the extra added hoops we have gone through!Like the first was not bad enough! But it is well worth the wait! As I hope you find out this week!

LOVE Rock Band! That is what it is, right? Crossing my fingers for y'all.

ROCK ON girl! Love it. Next time I'm up your way instead of dinner I say me and M3 come over to your house to do some of that. How fun! I'm thinking we need this for Christmas this year.

You go girl... there is NO WAY that I could do that in front of people... love ya even more for being out there...
Just one thing... don't give up your day job... lol... just joking...
Hope your package arrives...

That is HILARIOUS! I love your positive attitude and fun spirit!


WOW!!!!Who knew.....Blondie has nothing on you sister!!!! Thanks for the entertainment , I really needed it!!! I am kind of put out with our CC** today.

Love ya, girly, Kristy

HAHA!! How awesome! Lauren heard this and jumped into my lap to watch and started pumping her fists in the air and dancing!! :) Baby J is going to have soo much fun with her mommy!! Her brother is a pretty good guitarist too! ;)

WOW! Blondi has nothing on you!

Now that is good stuff!!

You crack me up!