17 August 2009

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Out in the fields

Last week was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me and that is an understatement! Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers for my grandma and our family, it truly means so much to us all. Right now we are all in the diagnosis and learning stages of my grandmas cancer, which is invasive bladder cancer. In the next week she will have a CT scan to see if the cancer is anywhere else in her body and then we will go from there with a course of treatment. For now we keep good thoughts, continue to pray and move through the emotions all of us are experiencing. Thank you again for all your prayers!

I've spent many hours over the last few days reading passages in the bible and finding strength in other spiritual books. I found a book one day that was my dad's mother's, my granny, who passed away when I was 18. The book is a treasury of great religious poems and is filled with scripture and writings from authors like Kipling, Longfellow, Stevenson, and Dickinson to name a few. The book has been very fulfilling to me.

Out In The Fields With God
by Louise Imogen Guiney

The little cares that fretted me
I lost them yesterday,
Among the fields above the sea,
Among the winds at play,
Among the lowing of the herds,
The rustling of the trees,
Among the singing of the birds,
The humming of the bees.

The foolish fears of what might happen,
I cast them all away
Among the clover-scented grass,
Among the new-mown hay,
Among the husking of the corn,
Where drowsy poppies nod,
Where ill thoughts die and good are born-
Out in the fields with God.


And I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to you and your family..

I mentioned that my Dad has fought cancer twice in the last four years but didn't mention that it was also bladder cancer. I don't think I ever heard of another case of bladder cancer before or since. In his case, he kicked it. I hope your Grandma does too.

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Sorry to hear about your Grandma... I have been so busy with work and the computer had a few viruses... I am trying to get back into the swing of things... hugs to ya sister...

Beautiful poem.

Hugs and prayers to you.

Praying and sending positive thoughts.

With the love and support and the desire to fight, your grandma can kick this cancer in its ass!

Keep smilin!

I remember reading that poem many many years ago. I had forgotten all about it. I really like it. I hope you are finding peace amongst all that is hard right now....

Keep us posted on your Grandma...I hate cancer...I really do. Love the poem.

I am so sorry about your grandmother. I have not been around much (dealing with family issues) and I didn't even know. I will keep you all in my prayers {{{hug}}}
This picture is absolutely beautiful!!

That is a beautiful and comforting poem. Prayers for you and your family. terri

Thank you for the poem, we are sharing in some grief and sad emotions. It takes our energy away, reminding us to slow down and take time for ourselves and others.
Hoping for a better week for you.
(thanks for visiting my blog)

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I so know where you are. It is so strange to have someone a phone call away and then they are gone...just gone.
I know your Grandmother is near to you, even if you can't see her.
Big hugs my friend.

What a wonderful poem. You are in my thoughts and prayers Kayce.

I really heart you.