28 August 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009 - 9 comments

Inch by inch

centimeter by centimeter we get closer to seeing our baby girls face for the first time. With the way things stand right now, the CCAA has placed children with families who have a log in date up to March 24, 2006 and with that said we have 5 days ahead of us. Mr. Mathcruncher Mike says we will see our daughters face in October sometime. Until then Mr. Mathcruncher stalks RQ and I don't and I'm fine with that! Funny almost four years into this wait and I'm the one getting updates from my husband instead of the other way around. It's all out of my hands and when it's time it's time. So until then I prepare....

We have finally finished the dresser/changing table!

This dresser used to look like this.

It was my baby dresser oh so many years ago, in fact it is still lined with the gift wrap from the gifts my mom opened at her shower when she was pregnant with me. I'm planning on lining two of the drawers with wrap from my own shower for Baby J.

I finally decided on a diaper bag for China....an old skateboard backpack of Big J's. It's actually perfect since it's got great padded shoulders and three compartments AND it will look great on the guys since I plan on having my hands filled with a little sweetness! It's big enough for the trip over to be filled with an outfit for each of us and other supplies we CAN'T do without if our luggage is lost. With my insulin pump I'll have to bring quite a few supplies and I'm not wanting to be without any of them that's for sure.

I am planning on making all of Baby J's baby food like I did for Big J. I LOVED doing it oh so many years ago and can not wait to do it again. I would spend one day a month in the kitchen cooking up a storm and putting all kinds of concoctions in ice cube trays for enjoyment for up to three months. I really believe Big J's good eating habits have a lot to do with how they started. He never had jared or boxed baby food and has always been good about trying anything new. He's looking forward to trying LOTS of new things in China, I think his list includes frog legs, scorpion, and some other things that will make me throw up!

Lately I've been contemplating going with cloth diapers instead of disposable. So much has changed in the fourteen years since I last went down this road and I think it's the right thing to do now. Anyone have any BTDT thoughts for me?? I just asked Mike what he thought of that and he said NO WAY!

When I start to think of seeing our baby girls face in just a few short months, I start to get all kinds of butterflies and I get a huge smile on my face. With all the changes happening with Big J, it's exciting for all of us to know that there is a little tiny life coming into our home. Anytime one of us is doing something in the nursery, everyone else ends up migrating there and we wind up talking for what seems like hours. The dogs have now dubbed the space under the crib their own. It is the cutest thing! The both go under the skirt and fall asleep or play "hide and seek" with each other, it's the FUNNIEST thing! I've got to get video of it!!

Speaking of dogs....We're looking for any advice on introductions when you get home from China with your child. I'm sure we're not alone in having spoiled rotten fur babies so any thoughts on how to prepare them for this life changing event would be great!

And last but not least on this SUPPPPPPER hot Friday! THANK YOU for all your thoughts and kind words regarding my last post. There is so much change happening right now, it's all good and wonderful but grasping it will take me a little while. Although my sister thinks I'm just an emotional wreak because I've been "pregnant" for SO long and am finally in my last trimester! HAHA! That's it!
Thank you again for all your wonderful thoughts!


LOVE the dresser and LOVE this post.. you are getting sooo close and I think Hubby and I are on the same page.. except he still hasn't told me what he thinks about our LID..
I sooo cannot wait to see _____J in the crib and in your arms..
love you girly..
I am sooo glad that Nick wrote you..

I am getting so excited for you guys! I'm cracking up at the thought of Mike stalking RQ. Hee!

I don't know if you read "MckMama's" blog, but she had a great post about cloth diapers.

Here's the link:


Have fun at the Shakespeare show. Joe is jealous!

Love the dresser and the room! That is what we have to tackle next.

I think it is a hoot that hubs is the RQ'er of the family!

RQ had a great post about dogs and introducing baby. Check it out. It is something that we have been worried about also. If you find something handy, let me know.

Keep smilin!

Love the dresser, we are working on our baby's room today. I love the idea of making your own baby food and we have decided to give cloth diapers a try. It helps that my mom will be my daycare and she has agreed to go along with it.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Welcome back! I knew you'd find your way back to the bright side. My mom lined my dresser with my gift wrap, too. I did it for Gregory and he never really thought much of it, but maybe when he's older. Your dresser looks great. Lots of Love Allison

It sounds like things are REALLY starting to come together....I am so excited for you!! I think I agree with the mathcruncher.....October just might be your month:)

Love the dresser....it looks beautiful!!



Your nursery is adorable! October will be here so soon! I get butterflies thinking how close you are too.

Somehow the dogs already know about Jennifer... all the talk, preparation, etc, they KNOW. Mesa just came crashing into the room to see me after three weeks of being away. I had Tate down napping so Mesa's excitement was over before Tate saw Mesa. I just stood and held Tate while she eyed Mesa. Mesa just wagged her tail and let it happen. Your pups are so sweet I know the transition will be great.

The dresser is just precious!

I can't tell you how excited I am for Jacob to go to China with you. It will be a trip he will never, ever forget. He's at such an awesome age for this type of experience. I think he should set up his own blog for the trip...how cool would that be?! He could give the link to his teachers and maybe get some extra credit!!

I can't help with the dog thing, but I know there are people out there who can. Our sugarplum screams bloody murder everytime she's near an animal. We are working with her on it, and it's getting better already. But, we don't have any dogs or cats in the house, so it's not as big of deal for us as it will be for you.

Clothe diapers: my cousin does it, and it works fine for her. Her lifestyle, however, is very different from mine. She is home a lot and doesn't have any other children. My advice would be to seriously consider your pace of life and decide whether or not it will work for you. With two, school age boys, I am always on the run and my baby girl is always in tow. Clothe diapers are not an option for me... If I only left the house a few time a weeks, I would consider it. But, I have to leave the house 2, 3...sometimes 4 times a DAY!! Disposable diapers for me!

By the way...I'm SURE you already know this, but be sure to bring a copy of your prescription for ANY medication you have to hand carry on the plane. They made a big deal about this on China's domestic flights. Have copies of the prescriptions with you at all times.

That is so funny about the last trimester! I just got a text this morning from my father-in-law reminding me to take it easy as this is my last trimester! can you believe it? They are finally getting to those of us in the back of the March boat!!!!