22 June 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009 - 12 comments

Weekend blessings

You know when you have one of those weekends where you have nothing really planned but stuff going on. A weekend when you worked hard all week to just be able to enjoy those two days and just be. A weekend where you wake up Monday morning and you're still smiling and you know that smile will get you through the first day of the week. That was our weekend. Perfectly wonderful during every moment.

On Saturday after I cleaned the house like a mad fool, Mike and I headed down to Asilomar Beach to meet up with fellow bloggers and friends. The weather was a bit "bay like" which means cold, foggy and windy but after an hour or so the sun came through the clouds and brightened the beach to perfection! We got to meet a fellow Marching Panda, Catherine who was like seeing a long lost friend. She also has some great pictures from the day on her blog, including some crabs! The two of us shared ideas for our upcoming trips to China and talked as if we'd been friends for years. We asked questions of the been there done that mama's, Stacey and M3 and just enjoyed watching the kids eat up the afternoon at the beach. Catherine and I were both saying how incredible it is how God has led us on this path of adoption and during our journey along this path He has led us to so many incredible people. This journey is definitely in the hands of God and what he has in store for us is unknown to us, but truly an amazing experience. All of us are looking forward to being in that spot again on the beach with two more little ones running amuck on the sand.

WIth Sunday being Father's Day, we spent the day with my family and Mikes family. We ate great food, THANK YOU MOM, played games and just spent time together. It was perfect. Since Big J was with his dad this weekend, Mike and I came home, cranked up the music, set up our bliss spot and just napped the rest of the day away. What more could you ask for than a day like that!

Now I've got to pack, get laundry done and go to work before Big J and I leave on our adventure tonight! To make the day sweeter, I used my super hero powers and made all the fog go away and the day is set to be blissfully perfect! LOVE IT! Oh and I am such a bad blogger by mentioning that I was going to do a give away then never got it up! SORRRRRRYYYYY!! It is going to happen when I get back from the trip! I promise it will be worth the wait!

Off to go see the world.....


I'm so glad y'all had fun. I miss the bay area, despite the fog. And how neat that you got to meet Catherine... she seems like an amazing woman.

enjoy! I will be thinking of you!


Sounds like a great time!

Catherine is the best!

Keep smilin!

Have a great, great trip together :)

It sounds like you had a super great weekend. Enjoy your trip. What fun!

What a great weekend......it sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!

Enjoy your trip!!


Sounds like a GREAT Weekend..
Glad you got everything done..
now go have fun..
love ya girly..
Safe travels..

Sounds like so much fun on the beach! You're right, this journey has been amazing in that it has brought so many special people into my life. :)

Have a wonderful adventure!! Can't wait to read all about it!

Awesome to see you guys!!!

It was a great day and SO nice to meet you!! What a treat!!!

Have a great trip!

What a blast to hang out with those ladies! Esp. at Asilomar beach!!!

Hope your trip is great fun with Jacob!!!

Bloogy moms meet at the beach! What great fun. I am glad you had a good time.