07 April 2009

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Happy Birthday!

Here it is April 7 1995 and a lot changed after midnight last night...

The night was long, very long but sleep was finally had after a call to Mr. anesthesiologist (had to wake the poor guy up, not a happy doc!) to administer an epidural. Bliss! The bliss only lasted for so long...low and behold I finally dialated to 10 centimeters and was told to get ready to have a baby! At this time a midwife was on duty (Ka*iser) and she was sure I would deliver with no problems. I began pushing around 6am but by 10am I was done, cooked, finished, kaput! I had a horrible pain in my hip area every time I would bare down and my poor baby's head would crown then pop back in when I finished pushing. I knew something was wrong but no one else thought so.

As my mom mentioned in the previous posts comments I began cursing the midwife and staff out (sorry mom), the poor midwife was appalled and left never to return. After a few minutes a doctor came in to take a look at me and check out the situation. She felt my belly and said "...this baby is huge!, you'll never get this baby out unless we break the shoulder...". Words I'll never forget. My baby was lodged in the birth canal and was a little hung up and needed some serious help getting out. Within minutes I was wheeled into an OR and had a cesarian. The only thing I remember from that was fighting the anesthesiologist from putting me under, but my mom said the scene was surreal.

11:37am Friday April 7, 1995 on a rainy morning, my son Jacob Allan was born into this world weighing in at 9 pounds 13 and 3/4 ounces and measuring 21 1/2 inches long. He was the most incredible thing I'd ever witnessed before in my life. My world changed.

During my pregnancy, this child of mine took incredible care of me, making sure I was getting insulin when needed and sugars when my levels were low. Within 10 minutes of birth, Jacobs blood sugars dropped to 25 and he spiked a fever, he was immediately given a bottle of formula by his beautiful grandmother and hooked up to an I.V. for antibiotics (that's what's in his head). My "little" 9+ pound baby polished off 2 ounces of formula before he was even an hour old. From that point on my milk wouldn't come fast enough...this boy could eat and he wanted it yesterday!! He still eats and eats and eats!

Within a few days my miracle baby and I were healthy and ready to go home and begin the journey of his life. These last fourteen years have been filled with pure wonderment and joy, not a day has gone by that I don't thank God for this blessing, this gift.

My Dearest Jacob....

Happy Birthday my sweet son, Happy Birthday!

The day you came into this world was a day forever imprinted in my mind and on my heart. You came out screaming, ready to start living life and boy you have made the last 14 years so much fun. I'll never forget staring at you for hours in your layette and wondering what you were all about. I have so enjoyed watching you grow and can't wait to watch you take new paths in your life. You've made being a mom so easy and so adventuresome. You make me proud and have given me more joy than I could have ever asked for! Your comic relief is infectious. Your smile will light up a room. Your passion for fun is inspiring. Your love of others is admirable. Stay who you are and true to yourself! You are a shining star!

Happy Birthday To You!

I love you more than all the atoms in the universe!

Love Mom


Happy Birthday...
Love the last few posts..
Have a WONDERFUL Day..

Holy Moly - Jacob looks huge in that first photo!

Happy Birthday Jacob, hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

WOW!!! He was a BIG boy.....no wonder you were in labor so long!

Happy Birthday Jacob....hope you have a fun filled day and many years of celebrating ahead!


....love and adore you! xoxo,me

Happy Birthday! I love birth stories! He was big. Glad that doctor came along before that nurse made you push him out!

Oh my gosh!!! He is a miracle for sure!!!

Such a cute kissy baby!! Lovin' the momma and boy picture at the end!

Yes to Gilroy Gardens!!! Now let's get Jennifer here!

Happy Bday, Jacob!


Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Happy birthday, Jacob!

Happy Birthday Jacob... rule number one.. love your parents...
Rule number two... don't eat them out of house and home...
Tkae care and have a great day...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!

Keep smilin!

Happy Happy Birthday Jake!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day.

He was the most adorable baby, so sweet!!
Happy birthday to Jacob.
Beautiful posts Kayce thank you for sharing..