06 April 2009

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14 years ago...part two

April 6th, 1995...

Here we are...back for installment number two!

After a sleepless night the day dawned with expectations of a baby being born today! The night before had been filled the continued drip of pitocin, fun conversations, showers, baths, walks and the promise of childbirth. The staff and doctors were sure I would be a mom by day's end. The view from my room (above picture) was pretty nice and with spring in the air, the hills were green and beautiful!

I unfortunately do not remember too much of anything that happened except that as night began to fall I was still very much pregnant and obviously still in active labor. At this point in the post...I think my mom should chime in with some details....What was going through your head mom? What are some of the details I've forgotten?

I had been given something to help me dilate which was happening at a snail pace. Slowly I was dilating, but as the day and night went on the pain was becoming unbearable and the lack of sleep was beginning to take it's toll on all involved. It seemed this child was not ready to make an appearance and was working on his own time frame. All I know is that I still was wearing my sunglasses and my family was still by my side. The doctors once again said I would have the baby sometime during the night.

Or so we thought.....

...To be continued...


Man, it's taking this kid quite a while to get here ;0)

I think I'm about to have sympathy pains! And did no-one ever go home to get your regular glasses? Was your first glimpse of Jacob thru shades?

My Darling Daughter....well, one thing for sure that didn't happen on day two was the birth of our Jacob and you weren't swearing at the doctor's as yet!

You were still determined and very strong! You were hopeful and excited and that radiated throughout the hospital!

What radiated the next day was something else!!! xoxoxo,me

You're killing me here! I meant to ask you about the rest of the story today and I totally forgot! I think I got a little caught up in the pool, and the sun and the great company :) Can't wait to hear the rest!

I had so much fun today! Thanks for driving over the hill again!

Brave girl, putting preg pics online! I have one, and it is closely guarded. Anyway, not the reason I popped on. I got it! You'll hear from me soon. Love Allison

Again..You leave us hanging!!

He took his sweet time....didn't he:)


Left us hanging again!!!
It sounds like your little boy took his time...

Boy howdy. That boy of yours was taking his time!!!