05 April 2009

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14 years ago...

...today I started the journey into motherhood. This is the story of Jacob..

April 5th, 1995...

My day started like no other day I'd ever had before. I woke up with the kowledge that I was about to have a baby. I was a young unwed woman living with my parents and about to experience something I was told I'd never do. The emotions running through me were varied, from fear to excitement. Fear of the unknown and my lack of experience to the excitement of a new adventure and the desire to see the baby that I had been carrying inside of me for the last 37 weeks.

My pregnancy was not what you'd call normal, far from it in fact. I spent many hours in the OB/GYN office with my doctors and nurses monitoring my miracle and monitoring me the diabetic. I became close with my caregivers as did my mom who walked this experience with me every step of the way. Everyone knew not to tell me the sex of my child, I wanted that surprise. I had weekly ultrasounds and stress tests to make sure my baby was safe and healthy and because of this EVERYONE knew I was carrying a boy yet no one ever gave it away. As the end of my pregnancy neared it was time to set up my induced labor which was planned to monitor my blood sugar levels. On April 4th I had my final ultrasound and amniocentesis to make sure the baby was developed enough to come two weeks early. Being a diabetic the doctors didn't want me to have a large baby naturally. The doctors said my baby was a good 6+ pounds, the perfect size. So the day was set...April 5th 1995 would be the day I would have my child.

On the morning of the planned induction we awoke early and prepared ourselves but I also made a call to the Mark and Brian Show to find out if the crystal ball would give me a hint of the sex of my child. All of us waited on hold for what seemed like hours awaiting our time to go on air. Finally the line picked up and little ole me is live talking to my favorite radio personalities! After several minutes of conversation the crystal ball said it was certain I was having a girl. Uh oh...not what I'd been hoping for, I had been wanting a boy all along. After our goodbyes and goodlucks from Mark and Brian, it was time to go to the hospital with the thought of pink and all things girly.

Upon arrival at the hospital I was immediately set up in a room with my parents and the baby's father by my side. The whirlwind of activity was at times overwhelming and yet exciting. I was hooked up to every imaginable tube, monitor and I.V. possible. Doctors came in to say hi, nurses stopped by to wish me luck and then someone brought in the pitocin...It was time to get the show on the road. All during this orderly chaos we realized I had left my glasses at home and no one wanted to drive back over the hill to get them, because we were having a baby that day!!!! As the day progressed along with the drip drip of the pitocin, more and more staff came into my room with their sunglasses on because that's the only way I was going to be able to see...through my prescription sunglasses. It was pretty comical!

The day dragged on into late afternoon and onto the early evening, but as the passed, my labor did not, I was just a sunglasses clad pregnant woman who was in PAIN! Every time I was examined we were told to hold tight, it was going to happen soon they'd say. I was SLOWLY dilating and they were sure I'd be completely dilated sometime within the night.

Little did we know...

...to be continued.


Look at you! Cutie mama.

But you've gone and left us hanging...

OMGosh you did not just leave us hanging like that!

(love the PICS!!)

Can you believe the timing of this?? ...wow.

....thanks for the beginning of these fabulous memories...xoxox,me

Look at you.....you look so cute with your baby belly:)

I can't wait to hear part two!!


Right there with ya sista' Look at our boys now! See doctors don't know everything. They were always really wrong on the big stuff. Happy Birht Day Kayce. Lots of Love, Allison