31 March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - 15 comments

I'm Ready

This morning during my usual devotion reading, I had a complete sense of calmness come over me. It was as though the key in the lock clicked or the planets all aligned and went pop or when the power shuts down and your home goes into a complete silent calm. I looked up and realized I've surrendered all my fears of the what if's and laid down my control. It is what it is and I am now prepared for what ever may be.

I am ready!

...for sleepless nights!

...for hair bows and tutus!

...for playdoh!

...for tantrums!

...for first bites of spaghetti and the look of shock when a bite of lemon is had.

...for playdates!

...for rocking chair moments!

...for doing elementary school all over again! Oeee the volunteering!!

...for girly teenage drama!

...for the fun to begin!

I am ready!

I'm also ready for referrals to get here!! I know a few other families who are just as ready as me! It's time.


You said it sister... I am also ready for all that... for once I am letting myself really enjoy this whole adoption thing... though, I find myself going to Rumour Queen etc not to watch for my date (well, maybe I guess) but just to see a round abouts date of what referrals are out... after so long of 'guarding' my feelings - time to enjoy... I was happy for all those others getting referrals but this time... it is people I have really gone through this whole wait with.... let the fun begin... take care

What a great post and the one before too. Lovethe lantern and all it represents. Oh kayce. I am pryaing let it be soon.. you really are READY!! I remember feeling the same way!

Kayce...I'm so happy for you. And before receiving the referrals for my 2 I was the same way. Peaceful and accepting. I'll be following your journey all the way. You are in my prayers.

IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are ready to be the most amazing and loving momma to Jennifer!!!

You are SO Ready!! What a great post Kayce....now bring on this months referrals:)


I remember that same feeling of giving up the desire for control, and being so glad and at peace I did.

Can't wait for you to see you daughter's face. Hope it is not long now!

...I'm ready too....xoxox,me

Love this post!
Bring on those referrals!!

I am ready too. 2 days is better then 1..
can't wait till all of you March 06ers are done.. closer to April...lol.

I hear ya! Bring on those babies!!!

Love that pic of them in the beach dune. Awesome!

You look ready. Were you singing the "The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music" when that picture was taken?? Sorry....I had to ask.

It's good to let go!