13 March 2009

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I like her style!

(these are the sweet bunnies who had an interesting week)

SO it's been one of those weeks where the news media was busy, busy in our sweet innocent little beach town. We never have much going on here, maybe a few rowdy kids here and there, some mail theft or an accident, other than that it's a quite town. Not so much this week, we've had a body found in a creek, a home invasion burglary and a bunny napping. Yeah you read that right...a bunny napping. Well I'm gonna leave out the details of the death and the burglary because frankly it's quite frightening and has opened the communities eyes regarding the safety of our homes and selves, so I give you the story of the bunny napping.

Monday mornings paper and local news stations headlining story was dedicated to the disappearance of two bunnies from a private school here in town and were abducted from the 6 to 9 year old classroom (Montessori). The poor sweet kids were SO sad and heartbroken that someone stole their precious classroom pets. They set about making posters, a reward was put together and the local paper was called to place an ad. The school set out to find the missing bunnies.

A few blocks away a mom was doing her normal morning routine, getting her teenage daughter up, making lunches, and reading the paper. Low and behold on the front page are two bunnies that look an awful lot like the two her daughter brought home over the weekend stating that someone gave them to her. The mom immediately became suspicious after reading the story and then her fears were confirmed when she saw the story on the morning news. After taking her daughter to school she called the private school to tell them she thinks she has the missing bunnies.

After confirming the identity of the bunnies this mom makes a plan with the teacher to turn this into a lesson for everyone involved. The plan was brilliant! Hence the title of my post. The following morning the mom and the two girls who stole the bunnies, who have NO idea they'd been caught, would be returning them to their rightful owners, a classroom full of little kids. Of course being that we live in a small gossipy town, the news media lights up at hearing of the reuniting of the bunnies and they want to be there to film each second of the moment. Fortunately the teachers, parents and the principal from the school the girls go to (which by the way is the Junior High Big J attends and the one I work at), say no to the media attention.

Well the morning arrives to make the return...the mom loads up her daughter and the bunnies, the daughter still has no idea she's been caught, they pick up the friend and head in the opposite direction of the junior high and drive straight into the parking lot of the school where they stole the bunnies from. Here is when mom says...guess what! you both are walking into this school with those two bunnies and delivering them back to a room full of little kids where you will tell them how sorry you are. Literally how sorry you are. HA!! I LOVE IT!!! Of course the media was there, but were not allowed to film the event or take pictures of any of the kids. So needless to say the girls walked away with egg in their faces and a major lesson learned. And today once again the front page story in the paper is all about the bunnies safe return and how these girls made a mistake.

I just LOVE how the punishment was handled! LOVE it! Way to go mom!! No slap on the hand and your grounded for life, nope! Take these bunnies back WHILE the children you stole them from are in class so they can learn how NOT to be when they are teens and the perpetrators can learn to be a little more humble. Now of course the story is all over the junior high campus and the poor girls are beyond embarrassed. Ahhhh lesson learned.


those poor little bunnies! How cute. And how awesome, justice was done by this incredible mom.



WHat a great Mom...I would say they learned their lesson!!

Thank goodness for ACCOUNTABILITY! And the bunny nappers? Let's just hope they don't grow up to nab the Easter Bunny. Hee hee.

I would have been so humiliated if that was my daughter.
I say they should have to go back to that classroom once a week to clean out the bunny cage!

oooooo Pug Mama! That is a great idea! I'll have to mention it to one of the parents! Keep holding them accountable!

GREAT JOB MOM!!!! Imagine that , parents making their kids be accountable for their actions!!!

I loved this post!!

Love, Kristy

Those bunnies are so cute, I just want to steal one. JK, sorry...that was a lame joke!

High five to this mom!! Great story Kayce! It's good to hear there are parent's out there holding their children accountable. It reminds me of my mom and how I experienced many embarrasing moments when I was a teen, but I learned valuable lessons! :)

This Mom rocks, she handled this situation beautifully!!!
Kids need to be accountable for their behaviour, hope they think twice next time....