17 March 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 13 comments

Unintentional Break

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all my lads and lassies!
As you can see we enjoyed a fun dinner of stuffed omelets and some very green whole wheat pancakes! YUM!

Well as you can tell I haven't been around much! We lost our internet for a few days due to some nesting issues that Mikey and I have right now. (yes we've got the nesting thing BAD!) We decided to redo the office and in doing that we messed up the whole wireless/internet/bunch of wires mess, but we are back up and running again! It's amazing to me how much we depend on the internet in our house...email, school work help, work for both Mike and I and our meals! I plan all our meals with a planning site where I have all the weeks recipes and what's for dinner. Well these last few days I've had to be real creative with what I bought at the store, why did I need all those leaks?? What should I do with an english cucumber and why do I have SOOOO much parsley???? AHHHH lesson learned...don't unplug anything when you're remodeling!

While Mike was slaving away in the office, I had intentions of cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets. Lets just say that I spent the entire day in the kitchen cleaning out EVERY!SINGLE! cabinet! By the time I was done I had moved all the breakables to higher cabinets and moved all the tupperware, wooden spoons, pots and pans and table linens to cabinets that would be easily accessible for small children to get into so play can be had in the kitchen. Next I'm off to do our clothes closets....

The closets will have to wait though...Because my unintentinal break is turning into an intentional one. After months of being in on the calendar, I'm off for a girls weekend! I am SOOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited! Birthday celebrating, toe nail painting, room service, meeting new friends, seeing old friends and all around girl time. Oh and a few little kisses thrown in for good measure...

Thank you my Mikey for being the stay at home dad for the next few days and for being you! I love you!! Oh and don't forget.. school starts at 8:30 and pick up is at 3pm! Most of all, don't forget to have fun!

Be back soon....


Enjoy your break! Have fun.

Have a great time!! I wish I had your cleaning motivation.


Good luck with all the remodeling and cleaning! Sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure the end results will be awesome!

Those pancakes crack me up. Have a great week & Happy St. P!

Yummm... I think I'll have pancakes for breakfast today!

Have fun on your Girls Weekend!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Yummy green pancakes? Why wasn't I invited?!?!!! Not to mention the girls weekend. Hee hee. Have a blast and take photos for us poor souls, still laying on our sick beds.

Have a safe trip! I'm sorry we will miss each other. I leave on Friday evening. Maybe our planes will pass in the sky(like 2 ships passing in the night-Ha!)

If you see a JetBlue plane headed North, give a little wave out the window.

I hope you have a great time!

Have a fabulous time!

Sounds like great things going on in your neck of the woods (save the green pancakes ;0)!

Enjoy your girl weekend.

Love the green pancakes..
Sounds like you are going to have tooo much fun..

....be safe and have a fabulous time! xoxxo,me

Have an amazing time! Thanks so much for such a beautiful card and words you sent my way! You are the BEST!

Just got back from a vacation to see that you are nesting.. oh I am ready for nesting in the biggest way... now that I am back.. we are starting on Shauna's room... whooo hooo... the time is nearing...
Have a great break... time for me to get back into reality - yuk...