11 February 2009


Awesome picture!!

I hope you were stopped. :o)

Aww.... So cute. My first one Cocoa did that all the time. Molly has a nervous stomach and doesn't do well in the car trips! Bummer....

Have a great week.

Love it!!

Keep smilin!

Absolutely adorable! Love it. :)

Aaahhhh....that just screams "freedom"! Great pic!

Love this photo... I have one similiar of Mesa. It is what I see when I drive with her, at least before she got banished to the back of the SUV.

That is so cool....and I love that I can also see you holding the camera...what a great shot!


Ah! Life is sweet when it's enjoyed with your head sticking out of the window of the family car! Pure Bliss!

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Wouldn't been nice to always feel so carefree? Great Pic!!

That's an awesome picture!

That's too cute!

OK, that's funny. Your dog's chin reminds me of mine in photos....NOT GOOD! Maybe I should lay off the chocolate!