03 February 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 - 14 comments

More than one growth spurt

It seems we have more growth going on here than our parental hearts can manage! While our daughter lives with her mom and we don't see her too much, we do spend a lot of time on the phone with her and keep her in our prayers daily. She is missed and deeply loved every minute she's gone! It seems she has turned towards adulthood overnight. In a recent phone call she was telling us what her path is that she is traveling on. Needless to say her path is wonderful and well thought out.

Our sweet and very independent, Holly turned 17 in December and will be graduating early come this December, insert proud papa here. Besides kicking butt in school, she's been working her tail off this last year at a veterinary hospital near her home. I've always felt that she would be great working with animals and that she would just love it, and of course she does. Her dad and I are so impressed that she has not only kept up her great grades, but has also thrown in a job with her studies.

Now comes the part that scares me but of course I have to support and will continue to encourage. She wants to be a policewoman. Again, I know she'd be great in this profession and have always told her to pursue it full force. So when she finishes up with high school she has plans on attending her local junior college to take courses to prepare her for a criminal justice degree and then head on to the academy as soon as she can. The cool thing is that she wants to bring her love of animals into her future line of work. Her desire to be a K-9 officer is huge and I'm sure she'll be great! She is a strong willed young lady and has always achieved her dreams.

Our sweet girl...

Always know we are here to cheer you on and will always hold your hand throughout your life. Your faith shines in you and inspires others, us included. Thank you for bringing beauty, laughter and joy into our lives, every day. You are a treasure.

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. - Helen Keller

All of our love to you,
Dad and Kayce

Along with all this, our sweet faced girl will be getting behind the wheel soon! She's taken her time getting her license, which is fine by us, but now she has saved the money for a car and insurance so in the next few months she'll be hitting the highways! AGHHHHH! So now we've got a driver, a soon to be high schooler AND a soon to be high school graduate on our hands! And yes, a soon to be baby in the house! hehe

Life is good.

SO good!


She is beautiful and so mature!

Just place her in Gods hands. He will take care of her Kayce.

Love your new blog look!!

That is just so sweet!!I love what you wrote to her and the whole thing just warmed my heart. It will be tough as she enters that line of work becuase it is always unpredictable but if you love your job-- it is worth a million bucks. Obviously this is close to my heart as Kevin is a police officer and it is scary but it is also a great job!!

I love how much you love your kids-- it warms my heart!!!

Christy :)

It definitely is!

I have a step-daughter who will be 18 in April!


What an amazing young lady, I have no doubt she will make everyone of her hopes and dreams come to fruition!!

Wow, congratulations Holly on taking some huge and exciting steps on life's journey. It all sounds very exciting.

A career in law enforcement will be very rewarding. We need more quality women in this field. Good for her!

Law enforcement is one thing I wish I would have gotten into..LOVE IT..
Love this post.. it is truly amazing how fast these kids grow up..treasure every moment..
Have a great week..

She is a girl after YOUR own heart Kayce!! She is just bmans age! I know how much it must hurt to live apart! I just LOVE hearing how weell she is doing! God bless her precious self! and YOU!!

Wow...you must be so proud of her!! Sounds like she is a very hard worker and a go getter....good for her!

BTW, love the new blog look:)


Yes.. life is good.

What an amazing gal Holly must be!! It is so great she know what she wants to do and going for it full speed ahead.


Wow! Lots of GOOD changes going on for all of you!

Holly sounds like an amazing young woman! I'm sure she will accomplish every goal she has set for herself. How proud you all must be!

What a beautiful person you are Kayce. I love this post and can see your heart and love in every word.

Life is good. :)

It can imagine how scary it is letting go and trusting their decisions.

She's a beautiful girl! Congratulations.

Smar and strong....I love her already!