31 January 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009 - 9 comments

A little bit of this and a lot of bean dip

The week is finally over! For some reason, and I know I'm not the only one, this week seemed to be WAY too long! We did make it through intact and that is a blessing. With the weekend upon us here's what's up bullet style....

* We're doing our taxes today, but unfortunately our state is out of money and we wont be receiving any state return for some time. Gotta love it.

*Thursday night at the high school was good, overwhelming but good. All of us incoming freshman parents were huddled in groups discussing play dates from the preschool days to how we got this far so quickly and of course the economy and how it is effecting us. Our children will be the class of 2013 and may see the fall of our countries economic structure or the uprising of of something new. Either way we are in for a fun ride. I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who left comments and sent emails offering support, it means a lot. Thank you!!!

*We participated in a bow swap from Kim's blog, Journey to Isabella, and not only had fun doing some shopping for the swap, but received some of the first bow/clippies for Baby J. I've been holding off doing any bow buying for fear of what will happen when I purchase my first pair and I'm happy to report that I am officially addicted to the CUTE little things. The people that make these sweet things have major talent and imagination! Thank you to Alyson from Imagine Alyzabeth An for starting me off with the perfect set of bows! I love the colors and of course the yummy recipes.

*While in Morro Bay last weekend I found a cute little something for Baby J....
All of the "Life is Good" apparel was 50% off! It was something we couldn't resist!

*These are some super cute shoes my mama got for her future grandchild... More super cuteness!!! Thanks mom!

*We've been working out at the "gym" everyday this week. The "gym" of course is now located in our own home and I have to say it's quite convenient to say the least. Along with working out, we've gone back to the old eating style we had before the gas prices went up. So now we are shopping back at our all "local" organic grocer and have added the fish oil back into the diet along with smaller portions. Needless to say we are all starving yet feeling really good and happy to back to what feels right. I didn't realize how much I missed that lifestyle. I've shopped the price of food between stores and have found that we are spending less once again eating all organic and all local. We've also added more vegetarian meals to our weekly menus and less red meat, in hopes to get more healthy. So far one month into the old routine, we are losing weight and gaining clearer heads along with some mussels!

*Our school district has to find $17 million dollars by July 1st. The newspaper has been filled with stories of what may be dropped....Transportation (buses), nurses throughout the district, guidance councilors at the junior high and high school level, all libraries though out district, and sports. Oh and yeah me too. I haven't been given my pink slip yet, but I'm sure it will be coming soon. Mid year cuts are to start happening soon. I knew I may not be able to keep my position very long, and I'm sure I may get placed somewhere else. The sad thing is that this whole situation only effects one group of people. The kids. What happened to a good education??

*Here's a picture of our new coffee table.... It so completes our living room.

*As for the bean dip...we are hosting a Superbowl Party tomorrow and I'm making this and this ooooo and these! Can you say...we haven't had sugar in weeks!!! Can't wait to eat all day! Yes, we are gonna eat lots tomorrow because we haven't splurged in over a month now!!!! Along with lots of football, we're gonna do some scrap booking and game playing for those of us who would rather tear our eyes out than sit and watch an entire football game.

*And finally the girls wanted their pictures taken so you could see just how stinking cute they are!

Hope everyone is staying warm, healthy and enjoying all of life's moments!! HUGS!


Love your new clothes for baby J. - especially the shoes!

Sorry to hear your job might get cut. Why does it always seem to be - no matter what country you live in - the budget cuts always hit education and health care first? Surely these should be the last resort - not the first item on the chop list.

Hope your Superbowl party goes well - have a great weekend.

Love the bows... and the Life is Good sweatshirt is TOOOO CUTE....
Sounds like you will be having YUMMY food tomorrow..
I wish we had a gym in our house..
Maybe I wouldn't be sitting on my butt..lol..
Have a great day..

I knew we where soul mates! I love the LIFE IS GOOD STUFF!

Love your bows, love you table, love your puppies!


Our district has to cut $2.5 million now, and another $3 million in the coming school year. I don't know where the money is going to come from.


Lots going on around your place! Love those pictures of the pups.


I'm sorry I haven't commented in awhile. I have been visiting but sometimes it's from work(shhhhh:) and I can't comment from there.

I'm so sorry to hear about the job. I have so much anger right now over the education budget cuts that I can't even talk about it. Joe has not been able to find any kind of work as of yet and on top of that he is really missing teaching. Argh.

I still can't believe Jake is going to highschool! Seriously?

Oh my gosh, I love that sweatshirt. I can never find any LIG stuff on sale!

I am loving the shape of that coffee table. We have been looking for over a year for a wood table that is round(although I love the shape of that one too) but haven't had any luck.

Hey, I'm visiting Lisa in April over Spring break and would love to see you! I'll e-mail you with the exact dates.

Have fun watching the Superbowl!

And thanks a lot because now I have a serious craving for bean dip LOL!

Oh and how could I forget?

The girls are adorable, as usual!

The new blog look is fabulous, love it!!
Sor hear your job may be cut, I know how much you are enjoying it. There are so many cut backs to our school systems too, very upsetting.

The girls are too darn cute!! ;)

You live such a full life. I love it.

By the way, I got laid off from my job at my kids school last week. Mid year budget cuts. Now, the Special Education teacher is running her classroom with no aide. I don't even think it's legal, but there's no money to pay an aide. SCARY!

I love the shoes! How sweet are they??