20 January 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 9 comments

Proud to be an American

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Today, along with the rest of my country, I stand as a proud American.

Today my children will witness history being made and my future children will one day read about this day in their American History books.

Today I will see dreams come true of so many of my fellow Americans.

Today we will shed tears because of the inspiration of one man .

Congratulations to you our President of these United State of America, Barack Obama!

We cheer you on!!


I am up and over here watching as history is made today.

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PS. Not sure if you read from yesterday. Your card arrived. It is absolutely beautiful. Do you know the artist?

Beautiful post. I am so proud of my country today as history is being made.

We are proud of the country; coming together as citizens and welcoming our new President. It is a wonderful day for USA!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy of FOUR Months!!

I will glued to the t.v. for hisory unfolding.
I wish my girls were home from school to witness it with their Mom and Dad.
Proud neighbour...

Here here! I am very proud and excited for this day in history! Go Obama!!!

What a truly inspiring speech. I know we watched history being made today, but`I think we saw and heard greatness too.

"As the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself." President Obama

Amen!!! So very proud to be an American!

So happy for you! I wish our federal leaders would take cue.

I think that alot of people have the faith and trust in Barack that he can make things better... though I loved his honesty that he said that he will be wrong at times, that things will be hard etc and alot of people claim that everyone thinks he is the Messiah... I cannot stand that...
So, let's hope all goes well...