18 January 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 13 comments

You know you've had a great weekend...

...when you spend Friday night out with your girlfriends and go see a truly masterpiece of a movie... Slumdog Millionaire It is a must see.

...when you spend Saturday morning lazing around with many good cups of coffee with your husband and watch our next president make a historical train ride to our nations capitol. Very cool!

...when you empty your garage and turn it into the new family gym! Oh yes we did!!!!

...when your parents deliver a BEAUTIFUL glass coffee table to you and you then realize it is what was missing the whole time. Our living room is now complete! Thanks Mommie and Papa!

...when you work out with your husband in the new gym AND watch the playoff game at the same time!

....when your son gets lots of wonderful comments on his accomplishment. Thank you!!

...when you finally get to sit down, pleasantly tired and relaxed, to watch a musical tribute to our next president and our great nation. all the while listening and watching to some GREAT musicians rock it out. Ohhhhh Usher just walked on stage! Oh wait, there's Shakira too...oh man and now Stevies belting it out!

and last but not least....

....when you know you don't have to get up early and go to work in the morning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are strapping themselves in for the "Rumor Roller Coaster" this week! Come on referrals!!!!!


That is a great weekend. Come on referrals!

Yup, that's a winner of a weekend.

No 3 dayer for me...back to it tomorrow and hoping for good referral/TA news this week.

Jealous you don't need to get up early for work.

Plus, obviously I need my eyes tested because I thought you wrote "you empty your garBage" to make a gym - and I was very confused and impressed by your recycling ability!

AMEN ON THE SLEEPING IN THING-- I SOOO LOOK FORWARd TO IT!! That is so cool about the garage gym thing. It sounds like an absolutly perfect weekend. Mine was too busy to be perfect and I still have my headache so this weekend has not been perfect by anymeans-- but still cool!!

have a great week!!!


Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!

Don't rub it in, but I am getting ready for work...ugh:(


Hey friend,

It does sound like a perfect weekend.

I am taking tomorrow off work to witness the historic event that will take place in Washington. I could not miss this history in the making. I will have my KLEENEX beside me.


Sounds like an Amazing weekend..
Have a great week..
And I am with you on the referrals..

Sounds like a really great weekend. Will be watching for referrals and hoping for really good news for everyone.
Have a great week!

Sounds divine!

Keep smilin!

I'm glad you had such a great weekend!

Hey there. My goodness that card is beautiful Just what I needed with yet more snow. Do you know the artist?

Thank you my friend. You r the friggin best.

Drop by when you have time. I tagged u!


That's great that you had such a good weekend. Wish I could say that mine was as productive as yours.

Sorry I haven't dropped by in awhile. Been really preoccupied.