28 October 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 15 comments

It's all numbers....

My post today is all about numbers and don't ask me why but it just seems appropriate. Call me bizarre! I guess I was thinking about just how many people out in blogger land are just plain ole AWESOME!! And that got me thinking about the number of people in the world and just how blessed I am to have friends (and family) like you all that care about us and think of us so often....I love you all. My last post was pretty cathartic for me and you all understood the fine print. Thank you.

I went for a 4 mile walk with my mom today through The Forest of Nisene Marks. Beautiful! Thank you mom for EVERYTHING!!! I can't wait for our trip.

I came home and went for another 2.5 mile walk with the girls and to get Jacob from the bus. That's 6.5 miles today!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOO

Our weather went from 90 degrees last week to 52 this week with rain on the way.

Christmas is in 57 days. Just thought I throw that out there. Vomit!

I've been on birth control pills for 5 days and have been sick like I have morning sickness for 4 nights in a row. Can't eat, and I sit with my head in the toilet waiting, praying and wondering WTF??? A few hours pass and it's gone and I feel somewhat normal again. N.O.T. fun. Yes I'm sure you're wondering why a woman with no uterus has to take BC...I've got cute little fibroids on my ovaries that cause some fab pain and I just don't want to have the ovs removed yet. SO my docs suggested this route. I'm not liken it.at.all. I'll take pain over nausea. I'm trying saltines right now to stave off the nausea so that I can actually eat dinner tonight.

I paid $2.94 for gas today! Schweeeeeeet! I'm thinking a road trip is in order soon.

I only have to clean 2 houses this week!! YEEEEHAAAAA!

There's 7 days until the election..........

There is only 4 days of school this week, but 4 weeks of homework crammed into those 4 days.

I'm looking forward to the time change in 4 days.

I could go on with the numbers but I wont, I'll just leave you with one last number....

We've been logged in with the CCAA for 31 months tomorrow.

Thirty-One Months.



Fifty-seven days? Sheesh!

I put gas in the car for $2.99 yesterday. Couldn't believe it. Nice!

I totally Googled "how many days until Christmas" today! Great minds think alike;). I'm so grateful to have you as my friend. Can't wait to see you again!

I totally forgot to say Happy 31 months!!

Great numbers! Feel better.

31 done!

Keep smilin!

I hope you feel better soon.....that stinks...I always had the same reaction to the BCP's

I cannot believe Christmas is that close.....although, we actually had snow today...can you believe that...it isn't even Halloween!

Happy 31!


So sorry the birth control pills are making you sick! Sending big hugs. I had fibroids too... If your body doesn't adjust to that pill, pester your doctor about alternative brands. He/She should be able to find one that doesn't make your body wig out. There's a "mini" pill called Apri (I think that's the name) that might be worth checking into.

I paid 2.67 ... then went a little further and it was .20 less..
that made me upset..lol..
Have a Great Week..

Sorry you're feeling sick on the pills. It may take a couple of weeks for your system to adjust, but hopefully should help. Feel better soon.

Poor girly feeling sick.

But, love this post and knowing what your up to!

Enjoy your week!


31-months! I feel it coming! so damn exciting.

Fifty-seven days!! Are you serious? Yikes!!

Sorry you've been so sick. I hope that gets better.

Six miles in one day - AWESOME!!!

Congrats on having 31 DONE!

Happy 31, getting so close!!!
I am so not ready for Xmas yet, 57 days. I am going to start shopping, I refuse to do any in December, too insane!!
Hope your feeling better soon, hugs..

Happy 31!! Can you believe we are approaching the three year mark?!

I hear ya about the birth control pills. I had the same problem on them. The good news is, there are so many different types out there they should be able to find one for you that won't make you sick.

I'd take pain over puking any day!

Hang in there tough lady! Congrats on the 6.5 miles...that's awesome!

Very cool post kaycee!! I can't BELEIVE you walked all that!!! You are my HERO!!!

Happy 31! keep on truckin

Hey, come you should make your road trip to AZ! I got gas for 2.62! :)

As far as your b.c. pills. If you just started back on them and the nausea persists, call your provider,you should probably get a lower dose estrogen pill to reduce the nausea and then you can increase the estrogen as your body tolerates. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Happy 31st! We are getting pretty darn close to referrals! :)