12 October 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008 - 17 comments

Cool Winds

The season has changed here at the beach. Friday as I wore my tank-top and shorts to go for my walk to pick up Jacob, I realized I was freezing and the wind was blowing, when did this happen? It is always hard to see the cool weather here this time of year because the sun is out all the time, the sea is beautiful and the appearance of the weather looks almost summerish from morning to night, the fog is way out in the bay. But as soon as the door is opened I am greeted with cool winds.

So when my alarm clock chimed it's familiar ring this morning at 6:30am, yes on a Sunday, I peered out the window to find darkness and yet I was excited for what I was about to do. A sunrise walk on the beach in the 40 degree weather. Crazy I know. But wonderful once we hit the sand. The sky was such a beautiful hue of blue-gray, unlike the twilight of night which I see as purple-blue. There were few on the beach at such an early hour, only those of some people camping and others who like us wanted that unseen beauty on an obvious fall morning.

With friend, husband and dogs in step, we watched the sun come up over the cliffs and the day begin. Pure beauty. New colors for me since I am usually the last to wake in the house and the first to enjoy the colors of the night fall. Pure calm. To spend time with a friend and my passionate husband, talking, walking and just being in the now of the morning. As our walk began to end we noticed the sea life come out to greet us, the sea lion, the gulls and the folks just making it to the beach for their morning walk. Little do they know what they missed an hour before.

What a way to start the day let alone the week! While I bitched and moaned in the dark this morning, I secretly was looking forward to the day and the cool winds on my face as I walked on the beach. Fall is here now and the fire is stoked and I may just wake up again next weekend to enjoy the sunrise with the cool winds.
Thank you Susan for pushing me out of bed and for the reconnection. See you next week...same time, same place only this time I'll bring gloves and a camera.


What an amazing experience....one of the moments that make life so wonderful.


That sure sounds like heaven to me...the way you decribed it, felt like I was right there with you!

Hope you have a great week!


Sounds like a Great Day..
We have had our windows open ALL day.. love the cooler weather..
Have a Great Week..

It's been cool here this weekend too, although I hear we're headed back into the 90's by midweek. That walk sounds like heaven. Not sure I could drag my A** out of bed at that undgodly hour on a Sunday though! :)

I want fall to come to SW Florida. It sounds so cozy.

that sounds like paradise, pure paradise... i'm green with envy, sitting in 87 degree heat and 90% humidity in florida- hi tracy (comment above me)... ugh.

OkAY... I was kind of jealous before of your beach living, but now it is official! What a wonderous experience to greet the morning this way.

I think you should write stories. I could even see and smell the salt air and hear the waves from your description. There's no way you'd get me in a tank top and shorts though in 40 degree weather! BRRRR!!! That's scarf and heavy coat stuff for me! ha! Thanks for the beautiful morning. I love the ocean.

You're so lucky to live so close to the beach. I miss having water close by. Glad you had a chance for a walk on the beach, even if it was cold.

sounds awesome.



Sounds like you had a marvelous time on your walk! I just love fall and all that it brings.

It is raining here today. I am slowly stashing away the summer clothes and pulling out the fall winter clothes. Bye flip flops.... :(

Have a great day!

Sounds beautiful!

It's 80 degrees here today, crazy for Michigan. A coldfront is on it's way though :)

Kayce, that was a really great post. You know I was thinking about you over the weekend, and I thought that girl loves books and kids, and she's a good writer. I think she's gonna write a children's book someday.

Ever thought about doing that?

Sea Star & Kris: I'm with you, bring on some fall weather in our area too! I will just have to dream about the leaves, cool air and crisp mornings!


That sounds amazing. It would take an earthquake to get me out of bed at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. I'm glad you forced yourself to do it....for now, I will live vicariously through you!!

Wow. What a great way to start the day. I can't imagine the beauty. I am ready for cool weather.

What a great post!
Sorry to be a little behind, but I just had to comment on this post. It is written so well. I want to be there, it sounds WONDERFUL!!!!