12 September 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008 - 14 comments

Learning to say NO

I got a call a few days ago...

My boss from my corporate days called to ask if I would please come back to work for the company. I was immediately flattered. My first response was, "what is the position?" She said it would be my old position with the development of a new product to handle. I knew then and there I had to say no. But oh no she wouldn't take that for an answer! She went on to tell me that the pay would be much higher than when I left and if I wanted part time they could work that out. OH MAN!!!

I still had to say no. I've waited too long to get in with a school district and I'm not about to walk away from that. I explained to her where we are at right now as a family and she understood. We went on to make dinner plans and talked about what's been happening in each other's lives and then said our "until later" goodbyes. And I thought the subject was done.

NOT!! She called back yesterday with another offer. One where I name what I want.

As nice as it would be, I honestly can not go back and feel good about it. Even if I went back part time I know I would eventually be back to working 40-50 hours a week (remember I can't say no), and that doesn't include the travel around the country and to Norway. I'd be making my teenager a latch-key kid and that right there scares the shit out of me. And that my friends is why I quit in the first place.

My job is my family. My priorities are my children and my husband. I haven't gotten back to her yet...do you think they'll give me every school holiday off, a month during winter break and two weeks off in the spring, essentially working a school calendar with school hours? I don't think so. SO the answer will still be NO.

Happy Friday by the way! We've got a great weekend planned...family, friends, picnics and the fair! Whew I'm glad I don't have to stress about work this weekend or any weekend for that matter!


Very flattering I am sure. You are just too good!

But good for you for knowing your priorities and sticking to them.

Keep smilin!

I agree....this is so flattering and must be a little tempting!

Good for you......you are making a decision that is best for you and your family!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family...sounds like you will be having lots of fun!


That is very flattering. They must think a lot of you to basically let you name your price-- you should be proud of yourself-- that is really cool. BUT, you are soooo correct--you are a mom and that is your primary job. People always say- wow as a psychologist you must make a ton of money-- I always say ya, it would be a lot of money if I worked full time. Really, when I look at the paycheck for full time as compared to my pitiful 40%, it makes me thing twice, but then I remember, I chose to work 40% (2 days a week) becuase I am comitted to my kids and raising them myself and all the money in the world can not replace that-- even though it does make me salavate sometimes :)

Good for you and again, quite a compliment!!!

Christy :)

I think you made the right decision!!

I'm leaving my fulltime job too!!! I'm going to be a part time worker with more time for my kiddos!!!

Wow what an offer but I know what you mean.
I just left work to have more time at home with my kids...would I go back...err not on your life!

Gosh! Can you work from home and charge consultant fees? The company will respect your time because of the rates and you can stay home and fatten the piggy bank. (and possibly keep your job at the school)

Good for you for putting family first.

Very flattering but way to go girl. Your priorities are firmly in place~ and that is wonderful.

Have a great weekend,


Have a Great Weekend..

Wow.. kind of cool to think they want you back and willing to give you anything.... Intriguing that you would travel to Norway?!

Have a happy weekend..

Very flattering, but NO was the right answer. You're going to have little one at home sometime next year, and you need to be there for her. Working in the school district will be perfect for you and your kids.

I really commend you for standing your ground and knowing what is important in life Kayce. Amazing how much they want you though, huh? That's gotta be a great feeling!

I am soooo proud of you! In a world where family time is valued less and less, you did it! You said no! ;) woohoo!

Wow, that's great that they're willing to basically give you whatever you want. Even better that you know exactly what you want and don't want.