15 September 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008 - 16 comments

My love

Today marks the date that we met,
a day we both will never forget.

Today marks the moment I saw hope,
for you made me believe in love at first sight.

Today marks the minutes we first shared,
seconds of hours that still fill my heart.

Today marks the first steps we took in the sand,
you showed me that knights do arrive on white horses
and they will walk with you hand in hand.

Today marks the first words we shared,
vowel and constants full of dreams and aspirations.

Today marks the first of many meals shared,
from our shared first bites of dinner to our cake on our wedding day.

Today marks the first kiss we shared,
while you missed the mark and kissed my hair
I knew there were more to come somewhere.

Today marks the day you knocked on my door
all nervous and scared we both took the dare.
I will never forget the moment you said hi
I hope you know I still get those same butterflies.

I love you my love and will forever and ever
because you complete me and make me a true believer.

Happy "first date" my love.


Happy Day...
Wonderful post..
Have a Great Week.

Awwww....happy "Meeting Day". Ours was New Year's eve. Easy to remember!

Which for me(as you know) is a good thing :)

What a great poem... what an adorable couple....

Fantastic! Happy Day!


How beautiful.

I LOVE that photo of you two.

PS. A mailed a little package to you. So be watching out for it.


What a beautiful poem....and a great photo!

Enjoy your day!


So sweet!

That's a great picture of you two.

AWWWW!!! What a wonderful post and how cool that you remember your first date. I have no idea when Kevin and I had our first date. I think it was in Sept or Oct but I totally dont rmember-- it was 20 years ago-- wow are we old. Anyway Happy first date day!!! Also, woudl love to get together when you come down. Lets email the details.

Christy :)

What a beautiful memory poem! happy first meeting. :-)

So cool! Happy anniversary. :-) I have a picture to send to you from the picnic, by the way, your legs look about 2 miles long in it (so jealous!).

Beautiful words and a beautiful photo. Hope you had a lovely day together.

What a sweet poem! I love the part about the kiss...(tee hee, Kayce kisses on the first date)

Happy first date! Shawn and I can't agree on the date we first met, so I'm really impressed. By the way, Shawn is wrong.