22 September 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008 - 19 comments

I'm lovin' it!

It's not too often these days that I get a full on bear hug from my 13 year old son. But last night he was begging for us to watch a movie during dinner. (I hate watching TV during dinner, H.A.T.E. and of course the men in my house are always trying stuff to make it happen.) So when Big J said he was going to hug me until I said yes. HA! I'm never going to say yes child! Our little hug-o-war lasted about 15 minutes then I had to pass the hugger on to Mike, which then just went from hugs to squeezes and tickles! By the way I won.


I hate watching TV at dinner time too! But, I think it was worth it for THIS!

have a good day!


what sweet pictures!!!! (the tv is not allowed to be on while we are eating either)

Love that Jacob! xoxoox,me

Love it...
Well worth it..
Have a Great Week..

Hugs for TV..ok I could be persuaded..!

That is soooo sweet!! I hope my boys are that affectionate when they turn 13-- wow for ethan that is only 3 years off-- that is just surreal!!!

Im with you on the dinner and TV thing. We make it a point to sit around our table as a family the nights we are home-- around 4 nights a week. Even though it may only be 15 minutes of eating and then they are done, it gives us a chance to pray and talk for a bit about what is up with them. I value that time so Im wiht you-- no tv during dinner!!!!

Christy :)

I love it! Those look like the best hugs.

That is so cute! You really do have the cutest 13 yr old lad!

What wonderful pics!

These photos are just the best, you have one special young man, I thought most 13 yr old didn't even want to be around their parents let alone hug em', LOL.
That's one amazing youg man Mom, you have done a great job. ;)

Big bear hugs are always great...but especially at this age....they are usually few and far in between.....You have a wonderful little guy there!!

Have a great week!


Too cute...I would say that approach would work for a lot of things. Yes, even TV at dinner.

Those are some great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to get some affection from your big boy.

Your Jacob is a little keeper!

Now thats a REAL smile on Mom. Love it.

I have given you an award, stop on over when time permits, well deserved. ;)

Man these pics are the BEST. High 10 on the win (that's a double high 5).

Love the pictures! I hate watching TV during dinner too. I would much rather have conversations.

Hadsome boy!

I think that you should get more of these... bribe him if you have to... hehehe