14 August 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008 - 7 comments

New spot on the pole

My baby started 8th grade yesterday. WOW!! He was so excited to go to school and sit in the 8th grade square and just be at the top of the totem pole. It was pretty funny that he wanted to go to school that bad, it was very nice to hear and see. This year will be a challenge for him, but he knows what lies ahead, at least he says he does. But with the challenge thrown at him, he's already taken it with a smile and is ready to kick butt. Of course I'll continue to be as much of a support to him as I can and yet try to back away when I should.

We sat down yesterday and went through his books and syllabuses for his classes, dang is it going to be a fun year! Social Studies is all about American History and gee what a GREAT year to learn about our democracy and the beginnings of our government! Science is all about physics and building roller coasters and a Newton mobile. It also helps to have a teacher who walks in on the first day doing tricks on her skateboard. LOL!! Jacob was so amazed that his teacher could do kick flips, alloys and other tricks. Math, well um yeah it's math. I wont go there because I hand all mathematical problems off to Mike. YUCK! Language Arts is expected to have some classics introduced, more poetry (J loves poetry) and of course spelling. Besides P.E., his elective is Library Aide. SO. COOL. He is one of two aides and besides helping the librarian, he gets will learn the intricacies of running a library. He is really excited about this class, which is so neat to hear since it's not a "cool" class to have. He'll make it cool, I know he will.

As for being at the top of the pole, I spent a long time talking with him this last week about bullying and told him several times to check himself if he wants to make fun of the 7th graders. Last year he had quite a bit of bullying happen to him and he was miserable, I have to remind him now of what that felt like. I recently read 19 Minutes and was completely shocked to learn that a single act of childhood bullying is as scarring emotionally as a single act of sexual abuse. WOW. While I can't control what will come out of his mouth at school, I can put the seed in his mind (and heart) to really think what comes out and how he should act to others. I pray and hope every day he makes the right choices.

For now, I am off to get geared up for a great year ahead! Happy days ahead....


Back to school already! Wow! My youngest niece is starting 8th grade this year, too. They grow up too fast! Sigh...

Looking good Jacob! 8th grade, wow!! Enjoy the view from the top if the pole! :)

I hope Jacob has just as big a smile on his face at the end of 8th Grade as he does at the start! Here's to a great year for him.

Hope he has a fantastic year!

He started school already??? Kids here don't start school until after Labour day. Good luck for the upcoming school year.

Ok, so being that our boys are the same age...did you get the voice change and huge growth spurt this summer? Holy, moly...where is my baby?!?!